Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hiding Out

Some kind of virus/cold has hit our house, and I've been miserable.  Not sick enough to be asleep most of the day, but sick enough to be miserable and kind of grouchy.  I've sequestered myself in my craft room....I think it is safest for everyone at this point.  

Today I worked on a wearable muslin of this skirt pattern.
Looking at it on the hanger, it looks so short to me.
Ironically, it comes to my knees when it is on.

I like the straightforwardness of the pattern.
I like that it has pockets.
This particular fabric was left over from a shirt I made for my daughter.
I wasn't sure I would wear it, but it doesn't look bad with a solid top.

I've made note of what few adjustments I would make and have plans to make another skirt soon.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Friday Fun Day

Friday started with me dropping my daughter off at the university.  I had to wait around for her, but couldn't park on campus so I took off to the library.  I found a few books -- a Victorian romance, a fashion book, and a sewing hints book -- that I am looking forward to flipping through.  After a lunch of leftovers, she left for class and I spent some time in my craft room.  I sewed this cute little summer dress for my youngest niece.  Her parents had mentioned to me that she needed summer play dresses.  I'm waiting to hear if this is similar to what they had in mind.  Everything for it came from my stash.  It was a fun sew and if they like it, I want to make another.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Electric Bill Update and Chatter

I'm excited to say my efforts to lower the utilities' bill is paying off.  I managed to go from over $225 at the beginning of the year, down to $175.59 last month and down to $148.63 this month.  I'm not doing any heroic efforts.  I dry bedding and towels in the dryer, but hang everything else.  I cook in bulk when I can.  I insist on the thermostat remaining steady and on lights being turned off when a room is empty.  That is it.  Nothing special and nothing difficult.  

On the chatter front, my Aldi finally opened back up.  My goodness, it is nice!  They were offering as part of their grand re-opening a $10 off of $50 coupon and a free bag.  We went in and bought some of the things we were out of.  I also bought snacks that my husband requests....he had just commented that I hadn't bought any since they had closed.  I admit I hate to pay the other stores' prices.  I spent just over $100.  $10 was for a cheesecake dessert for company.  I spent another $40 in snacks and nut free crackers.  Then I bought $50 of pantry items that we were running low on.  I'm just glad they're back open.  (My last trip at Walmart didn't fill the cart and I spent almost $200.  I have truly missed Aldi!)

Use it Up (And learning a new skill)

I really don't like wasting fabric.  I had just enough left from the gown I made myself to make a simple doll gown.
I had to turn a piece on its side for the ruffle....but I don't think it matters that much.
In the process, I used up the last remnant of the pink bias binding, the last of the bunny fabric, and I learned something new.
This was my first experiment ruffling and sewing it on at the same time.
Normally I make a ruffle and then add it.
It isn't perfect, but now that I know how it works (and pulls in the foot) I won't be afraid to try it again.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Toddler Friendly Minnie Mouse

It has taken some work and some alterations to make a toddler friendly Minnie Mouse, but I think I have captured her essence.   The original pattern is more of a decorator piece.  It calls for wire in the ears, wire eyebrows, eyes glued on, and other things like that.  So totally not safe for a two year old child's toy.   I think the resemblance is near enough that my niece will recognize her and hopefully she will like her gift.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Customized Work

My fourth mermaid cocooon was a customized piece.  The order was for one in a dark purple that would fit a specific doll.  It took a little playing with the math, but I came up with proportions that I like.  It is finished and will go out in tomorrow's mail.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Busy Days (Sewing to Unwind)

Days are super busy here.  It always gets this way before April 15th.  I'm handling phones, working on returns, and handling things at home.  Fortunately I am a bit of a Type A person so no complaints, but it does always leave me feeling a little discombobulated. I am very much a person of routine....and tax season is anything but routine. To help myself unwind, I have been turning to my crafting stash. Yesterday evening I sewed myself a summer nightgown from knit fabric I have had lingering in my supplies....lingering for years. The pattern is pretty straight forward and lends itself to a lot of creative variations.  It fits well, but I am not inclined to share a photo on the internet of me in my gown.