Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Welcome to my little corner of the world.

 This is a place for me to share all the comings and goings of my life and the things that important to me.  Near and dear to my heart are my family, crafting, purposeful living, and literature. I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  I love baking, cooking, and collecting cookbooks. I knit, crochet, sew, quilt, and do almost any craft I can get my hands on. In fact, my list of passions is quite long...so I reserve the right to ramble at times and hope you'll bear with me.

I am looking forward to catching up with old friends and making new.

For those of you that read my old blog, I'll slowly catch you all up on the craziness around here.  All I can say is I am glad life is returning to normal...well as normal as it gets anyway.

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