Thursday, June 23, 2016

Half Way

Sorry posts are so few and far between. Semester is half over officially, but things are crazy busy here. Between school and family obligations I have been swamped.

I have tried some new to me recipes that I hope to share soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Frugal Accomplishments for the Last Week or So

In no particular order:

1.  I made a menu of suppers using what we have on hand as the basis.  I only shopped for produce, milk, eggs, and a few snacks. 

2.  Then found a great sale on coffee and bought two bags and got three free.  This isn't a coffee I can drink, but my husband took it with him to put in his freezer.  He's set for a while.

3.  I cooked all meals except one from scratch.  The one not cooked was a free pizza.

4.  Being out of the house more days than not, I am finding myself bored with my wardrobe.  I resisted the urge to go shopping and challenged myself to find outfits on Pinterest I could recreate.  I am enjoying the challenge.

5.  I checked out some new British mysteries from the library.

6.  I did buy five articles of clothing.  I found pajama sets for my grandson, new on clearance for $1 a pair.  I bought two different sizes.  One fits now and two pair for this fall and upcoming growth spurts.  I also bought an on clearance white cardigan for $7.  I couldn't buy the yarn to make one for that price.  While I was there I found another maxi skirt for $7.  These will be combined with a nice blouse for a wedding outfit for later this summer. 

7.  I hung all the laundry I could hang to dry.  Limited space and HOA rules limit me some, but I figure every little bit helps.

8.  We ate leftovers for lunch everyday. 

9.  I have utilized the slow cooker for ease, money savings, and time savings.  Tried a new to us recipe that my family has deemed a keeper.  I'll share that soon.

10.  This may not sound frugal, but education is not inexpensive.  I've put a lot of time into my studying and I made a 100 on my first biology exam.  My goal is to eek every pennies worth out of my education.

11. We had a family fun day at the park and everyone took along water bottles. We stopped off for a dozen doughnuts as a treat and took advantage of a discount.

12.  We filled the cars with the lowest price has we could find and we continue to combine trips.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Rag rugs for Mama's Birthday

These three rugs are all for my mama's birthday gift.  The top rug is almost 36" across and will go inside the "outside" entrance to her kitchen.  The other two are coordinated, but not matching.  They'll go in her guest in front of the toilet and one in front of the sink.

Monday, June 6, 2016

PInterest and Leaving the House Every Day

One of the hardest things about leaving the house everyday is that my t-shirts and sweats just don't feel appropriate.   I love Pinterest and I am always pinning outfits.  I decided to finally copy some...only rule was I had to use what I already had in the closet.

Since I am in the lab the second rule (from others) is that shoes have to be close toes.

Both outfits were comfortable and I felt pulled together in them. Tomorrow I have the day off and I intend to do housework..but my goal for the rest of the week is to continue with inspired looks.

YouTube Creator Tag

This just shares a little bit about me and how/why I set up my YouTube channel.