Friday, March 31, 2017

Lest You Think

I realized recently I haven't posted anything about what we are eating.  I made up a menu using what was on hand, and we are just kind of picking and choosing as we go along.  I've also been sick for a week -- going on day 6 now of a head cold and horrible sore throat.  Most meals have been easy, and whenever possible I have utilized the crockpot. For slow cooked meals we've had pork chops with mushroom gravy, we've had hamburger steak with gravy, we've had chicken with cream of chicken soup, and then we turned those leftovers into chicken and rice soup.  We've had cheese quesadillas, scrambled egg "wraps", pancakes, sausage, bacon, hash browns, etc.  We've thrown whatever veggies we wanted at the time in the mix. Tonight I am using the slow cooker again.  I put on navy beans with the last of my ham chunks.  We're having a simple bean soup with fresh baked biscuits.  (I made extra for the freezer.)

March Goals Review

It's that time of month again.  I'm trying to mentally review the month and see if I came close to meeting my goals.  You'd think I would do this mid-month, too.  I don't the end results are always a bit of a surprise to me.

 1.  I did continue with the master planner.  It seems to be working well for me.  I can go back to that one notebook and find what I am looking for.

 2.  I think I did pretty well on working on the rotation.  I am actually seeing items used up.  The freezer meals have been a blessing, too.

 3.  I pretty much did the once a month major stock up.  I even made out the menu.  However, sticking to it has been hit and miss.  I've stuck to the meals, but I haven't stuck to any form of order.  I find it easier to look at what we have the night before and just plan the next day based on our schedules and wants.

 4.  I did finish my nieces birthday gift.  I mailed Minnie Mouse and a dress -- and I was even early!   

5.  We did have a girls' night out.  We live the high life here -- we went to Hobby Lobby for fun, giggles, and craft shopping.  My daughter wasn't here for that trip, so she and I went to see Beauty and the Beast together.

6.   The downsizing and the organizing have been going well.  In fact, my craft room is now totally usable and I've managed to get in a lot of good sewing time.  

7.  I was able to rework some curtains at no to low cost so that was nice.  I picked up a couple of little pieces on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  I also did some shifting things around.

8.  The exercising was a bust.  I was doing great -- getting up to 7 or 8 miles a day walking in....then BOOM!  My blood sugar (I have reactive hypoglycemia) went berserk.  I was bottoming out in coma ranges.  I've cut back to just light activity and I see the doctor in April.

So all in all, I would say March was a success.  

Summer Blouse

This is my working muslin for this shirt, view C.
I think the neckline is al title more scooped than I was expecting.
It isn't too deep to wear, but when I make another I will go with View E and use the sleeves from C.
The yellow tint is from the light, but the fabric has a pretty navy base.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Christmas in March?

For years I've had this fabric lingering in my stash.  I bought it from a little mom and pop fabric store and had great intentions of making Christmas themed placemats with it.  Every year I've pulled it out near the holiday season and not had time to make them up.  This year I decided to break that cycle. I used the "printed" fabric to help me practice my machine quilting.  Now they are ready and waiting for Christmas 2017.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Stash Busting

I used the "scrap pieces" of fabric to pull together two doll dresses.
The trim and buttons are all left from other projects.

The cold continues I am thankful for automatic appliances and the crockpot!
I've put on chicken for supper, and I am going to find myself a warm spot to curl up in.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hiding Out

Some kind of virus/cold has hit our house, and I've been miserable.  Not sick enough to be asleep most of the day, but sick enough to be miserable and kind of grouchy.  I've sequestered myself in my craft room....I think it is safest for everyone at this point.  

Today I worked on a wearable muslin of this skirt pattern.
Looking at it on the hanger, it looks so short to me.
Ironically, it comes to my knees when it is on.

I like the straightforwardness of the pattern.
I like that it has pockets.
This particular fabric was left over from a shirt I made for my daughter.
I wasn't sure I would wear it, but it doesn't look bad with a solid top.

I've made note of what few adjustments I would make and have plans to make another skirt soon.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Friday Fun Day

Friday started with me dropping my daughter off at the university.  I had to wait around for her, but couldn't park on campus so I took off to the library.  I found a few books -- a Victorian romance, a fashion book, and a sewing hints book -- that I am looking forward to flipping through.  After a lunch of leftovers, she left for class and I spent some time in my craft room.  I sewed this cute little summer dress for my youngest niece.  Her parents had mentioned to me that she needed summer play dresses.  I'm waiting to hear if this is similar to what they had in mind.  Everything for it came from my stash.  It was a fun sew and if they like it, I want to make another.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Electric Bill Update and Chatter

I'm excited to say my efforts to lower the utilities' bill is paying off.  I managed to go from over $225 at the beginning of the year, down to $175.59 last month and down to $148.63 this month.  I'm not doing any heroic efforts.  I dry bedding and towels in the dryer, but hang everything else.  I cook in bulk when I can.  I insist on the thermostat remaining steady and on lights being turned off when a room is empty.  That is it.  Nothing special and nothing difficult.  

On the chatter front, my Aldi finally opened back up.  My goodness, it is nice!  They were offering as part of their grand re-opening a $10 off of $50 coupon and a free bag.  We went in and bought some of the things we were out of.  I also bought snacks that my husband requests....he had just commented that I hadn't bought any since they had closed.  I admit I hate to pay the other stores' prices.  I spent just over $100.  $10 was for a cheesecake dessert for company.  I spent another $40 in snacks and nut free crackers.  Then I bought $50 of pantry items that we were running low on.  I'm just glad they're back open.  (My last trip at Walmart didn't fill the cart and I spent almost $200.  I have truly missed Aldi!)

Use it Up (And learning a new skill)

I really don't like wasting fabric.  I had just enough left from the gown I made myself to make a simple doll gown.
I had to turn a piece on its side for the ruffle....but I don't think it matters that much.
In the process, I used up the last remnant of the pink bias binding, the last of the bunny fabric, and I learned something new.
This was my first experiment ruffling and sewing it on at the same time.
Normally I make a ruffle and then add it.
It isn't perfect, but now that I know how it works (and pulls in the foot) I won't be afraid to try it again.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Toddler Friendly Minnie Mouse

It has taken some work and some alterations to make a toddler friendly Minnie Mouse, but I think I have captured her essence.   The original pattern is more of a decorator piece.  It calls for wire in the ears, wire eyebrows, eyes glued on, and other things like that.  So totally not safe for a two year old child's toy.   I think the resemblance is near enough that my niece will recognize her and hopefully she will like her gift.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Customized Work

My fourth mermaid cocooon was a customized piece.  The order was for one in a dark purple that would fit a specific doll.  It took a little playing with the math, but I came up with proportions that I like.  It is finished and will go out in tomorrow's mail.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Busy Days (Sewing to Unwind)

Days are super busy here.  It always gets this way before April 15th.  I'm handling phones, working on returns, and handling things at home.  Fortunately I am a bit of a Type A person so no complaints, but it does always leave me feeling a little discombobulated. I am very much a person of routine....and tax season is anything but routine. To help myself unwind, I have been turning to my crafting stash. Yesterday evening I sewed myself a summer nightgown from knit fabric I have had lingering in my supplies....lingering for years. The pattern is pretty straight forward and lends itself to a lot of creative variations.  It fits well, but I am not inclined to share a photo on the internet of me in my gown.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Crazy Week(end)

Last week was such a crazy week, as far as me being off my routine goes.  My daughter was gone for spring break, I traveled to work with my husband, and then I had a couple of days where Mama came to stay with me.  I'm so behind in my blog reading I am not sure when I will catch up.

 However, I did have a great week. I continued to work on the usual -- eating things we have on hand, using up craft supplies, etc.

In the food department, we ate and I cooked it from ingredients we had on hand.  Of course, I didn't keep a list.  I remember making a big pot of soup for one day and eating on it for a  We had fried chicken in there somewhere.  Oh, and chicken pasta from the freezer.

 On the craft supplies, I actually worked on 4 placemats that I have had lingering in my stash for years.  They are a Christmas pattern, and I always tell myself I'll make them for Christmas decor.  Yet, when Christmas time rolls around I'm too busy doing other things to finish the project.  This year I am going to get them ready in advance.

 I also made a trip to Hobby Lobby while Mama was visiting. I did buy a few things that I needed.  I'm trying to be careful and only buy things needed for finishing an ongoing project.  I bought three packets of bias binding for the placemats and a rotary cutter blade.  Then I picked up three skeins of yarn for ordered projects.  (I'll share those in a second.). I also bought two pieces of decor.  Both were marked down, and they are designated for the top of a shelf I keep in the upstairs hall.  

These are the projects I bought yarn for -- mermaid tail cocoons and matching headbands.
I've sold three and had an order for a fourth.  (I am buying more yarn for the fourth today.)
They're sized newborn to 3 months and go up to the underarm....most people are using them in photos.

Then one of the pieces for the upstairs shelf was a "color me" canvas.
I settled in with my favorite markers and colored these cute little birds.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Boneless Pork Chops

I was all set to have to package up my order of boneless pork chops from Zaycon.  However, I was absolutely delighted to find they are already individually sealed.  This works so well for us, because we never seem to have the same amount of people eating each day.

The freezer is slowly filling up.  I have one more order to pick up in a few weeks and other than beef I will consider it stocked.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Time is Flying (and a Sewing Project)

We had a great weekend visit for my grandson's fourth birthday.  I can't believe how fast time is flying.  It was a whirlwind weekend. The trip up took us over 6 1/2 hours.  Somehow we made it back in 5 -- thanks to less traffic on I95.

Then Monday I worked at my husband's office.  I pulled a 14 1/2 hour day.
We left in pouring rain and the drive home went along at 40 mph at times.
It was well after 1:00 when I got to bed this morning, and I am soooo not a night owl.
I went back to sleep after my husband left this morning, but since then I've managed to get my chores finished in record time.
With some free time on my hands, I worked on a sewing project for my youngest niece.

I've got to finish her Minnie Mouse and get a package out to her by the beginning of next week.
The pattern, fabric, and all notions were from my copious stash.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Throw Pillows (A Work in Progress)

I've completed two of the throw pillows.
I want a burgundy pillow to go with the smaller one on the end.
At present I don't have any fabric I think is quite right, so this is a work in progress.
I'll keep my eyes open for pieces in the thrift store.
Another option that would give me a variety in texture would be to crochet one.
Do you think that with the afghan that would be too much crocheting?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Learning New Things

I love crocheting and knitting, but I am finding that too much of either of them at one time leaves my hands and wrists in pain.  I decided that since I have the time I should improve my sewing skills.  I can do most projects with a little patience, but I have been taught to do almost all of them by hand.  I have a very nice sewing machine with a ton of feet for various details.  Today I played around with the ruffle maker and with the embroidery foot.  (I've wanted to learn to machine applique for some time.)  

These were my first attempts at either and I'm pleased to say I think I caught on pretty quickly.
The ruffled edge on the pillow wasn't difficult once I got used to the speed I needed to work at.

The rectangle was my practice piece on the applique to learn how to pivot the corners.  It took a few, but I got it in the end.

Then the heart was my second applique project.  
It isn't perfect either, but I played (on one small section) with using the feeds versus not.
However, on it I was able to pivot in the points which is what I was testing.

My next adventures include learning to use the small rolled hem foot.
I tried and had no success, so it is off to YouTube to look for video guides.

Upcycling and Repurposing Curtains

I had some plain navy blue valances that we had used where we previously lived.  I'd stuck them up at our current living room windows, but hated them there.  They were too short for this length window.

I spent some time pricing curtains online and looking at fabric in Hobby Lobby.
I just didn't want to make that kind of investment (cost wise) for something I wasn't in love with, and I just couldn't find anything I was in love with.  I did check the local thrift stores and didn't find anything there either -- not even a compromise pair of curtains.
I came back home and looked at these valances again. 

I decided to take one down and take it up to my sewing room.
I added a strip of the fabric I used to repair the sofa and then a narrow strip of navy with polka dots.
I like the contrasting patterns, but the colors mesh well together.

So I upcycled/repurposed valances used in a former home.
I did these before I cut out my throw pillows to make sure I had adequate fabric.
I had more than enough and throw pillows are next on my list.

Cost to me -- I used leftover thread (borrowing a tip from Carol and using a slightly different shade of blue in the bobbin).
The valances had more than served me well in the last I consider them a wash.
The blue polka dot fabric was a gift from Mama some time ago.
I think it took me longer to pin baste and to iron than it did to sew them.
So basically I consider this a more or less freebie.

Bonus is they tie in well with the existing fabrics I'm using.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Easiest Roast Ever

My daughter rarely raves about any food that isn't sweet, but she loves this roast.  Kind of amusing to me, because she is even willing to pick the pieces of onion off....(any of you, who read here, know she has texture issues with onions).

 I'm trying to continue the "fall in love with your cookbooks again" project.  I hadn't made this particular dish since last summer.  I'm not sure why.  However, finding a piece of beef on mark down was the perfect excuse.  This recipe is super easy and uses very few ingredients.  Also, I like that it uses ingredients I pretty much always have on hand.

 The only substitution I make is to use Braggs Liquid Aminoes, because I cannot use soy sauce.  That runs my cost up a little bit, but I offset it by buying in bulk.  I keep the huge bottle hidden in my pantry away from the light, and it lasts me quite some time.

 This recipe is from the Fix It and Forget It Big Cookbook.  (I bought my copy used -- hence the name written down the I love reading it for inspiration, even if I don't follow the recipes exactly.)

I use whole wheat flour to coat my roast with.  
This evening, when I serve it, I will thicken the sauce a touch if it needs it. 
Most of the time it doesn't require much, if any.
My daughter has requested rice and veggies with it.
We haven't decided on the veggie, but it will be whatever we have on hand.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bits and Pieces of my Days

In no particular order, I've been trying out the Flylady approach to cleaning.  While I liked my schedule, I am finding without as many people around it was overkill for what I now need.  I'm also totally decluttering my craft room and setting it up for the dual purpose of a guest room as well.  I didn't realize how much stuff I was storing -- things for me, things for other people, and then things I just had because I felt guilty about the idea of getting rid of them. My plan for Lent was/is to carry out one bag of some shape or size everyday.  Some days it has been to the trash can, but other days I've carried out things to donate.  Today I loaded out 2 bags of garbage and filled the car with stuff for Goodwill.    
(I know the machines look excessive.  One of the extras is an embroidery machine and the other is a serger.  The third machine is actually my daughter's sewing machine.  With the closet doors open, we are able to use that desk top to sew on as well.
It works great if I need two machines for a project or if we both want to sew at the same time.
We rarely have overnight guests, and family won't mind my craft stuff.
With our son no longer living in state, when they visit I need a place for them to sleep.
I also took time to work in the ends for the afghan for the couch.  I like the blue with it.  Now I still have to do my throw pillows.
I hemmed my daughter's jeans and I am glad to say there's no noticeable difference between the factory work and mine.
The BYOB cereal party was a success.  
I also got to meet this sweetie -- his name is Comet and he was quite a lap full for me.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Chicken Chili

As part of the loving your cookbooks challenge, I am trying to make a point to justify having all these cookbooks around.
Last night, just before bed time I settled in to look for some recipes.
We had chicken and rice on the menu, but after talking about it we decided we didn't really want chicken and rice.
I had the chicken thawing in the refrigerator, and I knew I wanted to do a slow cooker meal today.
I pulled out my giant crockpot cookbook and started flipping through chicken recipes.

After some back and forth, we agreed upon chicken chili.

I put just under 2 cups of navy beans in water to soak overnight.

This morning, I cubed my chicken, drained the beans, and tossed in all the ingredients.

I forgot to photograph the peppers and I also added a heaping teaspoon of chicken bouillon. 

We did not add jalapeƱo peppers or onion.
I used onion powder.
I also won't add my salt until the beans are tender.

Operation Minnie

Operation Minnie has commenced! My youngest niece will be two in April, and she loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse.   This project is one of my goals for this month.

The plan is to make her Minnie for her birthday and then to make Mickey for her Christmas present.
I'm hoping to find the gumption to go ahead and also make Mickey this month to put aside.
Time will tell.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Canning Meats

I'm slowly refilling our freezer with meats, and I have two more Zaycon orders coming over this month and next.  I decided that rather than use the space for beef cubes, I would can them.  My intention is to use them in either stew, soup, or gravy and I think canned will make quick work of those types of meals.  While I had everything out anyway, I decided to can the turkey breast fillets I found on discount, too.  I'm thinking either casseroles or gravy for them, too.

 So the discount meat yielded 9 jars of meats.  I had a few jars that seem a little less full than others depending on the shrinkage of the meat, but everyone of them has enough for a dish.  I have 7 beef and 2 turkey.

(sorry for the dark photo)

Pickled Radish

I'm longing for a little taste of the freshness of spring.  I had a bag of lingering radishes in my refrigerator, and I decided to make some pickled radishes.   I used this recipe.  

I added 3 garlic cloves, 3/4 teaspoon of mustard seed, and 1/4 teaspoon of red pepper flakes to my pickles.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Half Price!

The doctor recently adjusted my daughter's medication for Crohn's Disease and the inflamtion in her body has gone down so much that she has dropped a pants size or two.  She loves to wear jeans and is slightly taller at 5'9" , and we have the best luck finding her jeans at Old Navy.  We had no choice but to get something for her to wear -- her pants were literally sliding off of her more than I could easily take up.  So waiting for a sale wasn't an option for us.

 We had to run errands and Old Navy was on our list of stopping places.  We spent a while trying on different styles and sizes until we finally stumbled upon the "perfect" jeans.  I'm trying to remember being a teenager and how the "perfect" jeans were so important.  She was upset and frustrated because they only had them in one shade of blue.  Being older, I said we could just buy several pairs of the same color.....what was I thinking?  I'm pretty sure based on the look she gave me that I must have been speaking in tongues or have grown a second head....either way that was not a winning suggestion.

 While she put back a couple of pairs, I wandered through the clearance section.  I hadn't been going to go through it because I honestly don't need anything.  I am so glad I did!

 Guess what I found?  4 pairs of jeans in varying shades of her the preferred fit...and 50% off!  They were new with tags, but because they had been bought online and returned they couldn't sell them at full price.  They were an online only kind of thing.  Three pairs were tall sizes, yet too long, and I will be hemming them.  The fourth oddly enough fits in length.  So I paid (with tax) $65 for 4 brand new pair of jeans for her!  I'll gladly hem three pair of pants for a $65 fact, if I can find a job hemming them at that rate I may take it.  It will take longer to thread the machine.

Sewing Again and Question

When I was pulling through my fabric stash looking for curtain material,  I found some St. Patrick's Day themed fabrics.  These were leftovers from many years ago. I used them when my children were young for holiday themed pillows and things of the sort.  

I decided to make a quick table runner and 4 napkins.  I only had enough of the clover fabric to make luncheon sized napkins that were just shy of 12 inches when finished.  That's okay.  They'll work perfectly for what we need.

Cost was paid a long time ago, and I consider this a freebie.
However, I almost cried.  I've used up all of my spool of favorite green thread.
On one hand that is good, because I know my "use it up" policy is working.
On the other hand, I love the color green and can't believe I am out.

Anyone know the most economical way to buy sewing thread?

Friday, March 3, 2017

March Stockup

We are pretty well stocked for the month of March.  I had a few holes in my pantry that I filled and I picked up some meats on discount.  I also know that to some of you this will look like a ton of junk food.  In a way, it is.  However, it was all bought with specific things in mind.  We will be on the road each weekend this month, including an out of state trip.  The costs of eating on the road are high and we like to have things to munch on.  While I will pack some homemade items for the "going portion" of the trips, we will rely on sealed packages for the "coming back portions" of the trips.  There are also sodas for my daughter for school and some snack items (such as Goldfish) that go in her lunches.  These aren't the cheapest items, but they are far less expensive than her eating out.  She also has to leave her food in the car because of her lab rules so we have to have items that can withstand heat.

You'll notice that there are not many veggies other than canned tomatoes and not any fruit.  I have a ton of frozen, canned and home canned that we are working on....for both fruits and veggies.  I've been told that the produce stand that I pass on weekends is opening soon and I will check to see what they have.

Beef is the only meat I am low on.  I found decent mark downs.  I haven't decided if I will can the meat or freeze it.  I'm leaning toward canning it.  (The lone package of turkey will be frozen.)

We bought meats, sodas, flour, 3 packages of turkey bacon, Oreos, fruit snacks, Goldfish, 4 bags of candy, 8 yogurts, 1 package of refrigerator dough, 1 package of refrigerator cookie dough, 8 cans of tomatoes, 2 bottles of pancake syrup, 1 jar of pasta sauce, 10 sleeves of Ritz crackers, chocolate coffee (our treat), a toothbrush, 2 bottles of body wash, 1 can of pledge, a can opener, a plunger, 7 brownie mixes, 4 cake mixes, 4 lbs, of cheese, bacon bits, 2 cartons of lactose free milk, and 4 (18 count) cartons of eggs.

I also bought these boxes of cereal.  Believe it or not, they are for a party.
We were having a hard time getting together as a family for my brother's birthday. 
Due to crazy schedules, the only time we can all meet is Sunday morning.
However, he lives an hour away and has to be to work by noon.
We're doing a breakfast party.
Every person is bringing cereal and each family is bringing milk.
No having to arrive early, no major clean up, and the children will all be happy.
The children are the reason for two of these
(We'll have coffee and juice, too.)

So what did I spend?
I spent $211.95 including tax.
I saved $32.07 on mark downs and coupons.
Then I did an additional $14 in coupons on Ibotta.
If anyone is interested, I can share a group number. 
(If I understand correctly, the larger the group the better the savings benefits.)

$15.00 of that comes out of my gift budget for the party.
So I am at $197 for the month.
I'm expecting to have to buy milk, a few fresh items, and possibly more sodas depending on my husband's needs.
However, I think all in all I did pretty well.

What do recylcing, knitting, and thrifting have in common?

A while back I picked up a yellow cotton sweater from a yard sale.  I didn't pay much for it, but it was in pristine shape.  I wore it once or twice, but to be honest, yellow just isn't my color.

I had put it aside with other items to take to the thrift store and when I was gathering them I took a second look at it.  The sweater was a nice name brand and because it was a more expensive sweater it the pieces had been finished and joined together.  Some sweaters do not lend themselves to unraveling because they have been cut and sewn....the end result is just a bunch of single strings and nobody wants to knit or crochet with that many knots in their thread.  At least, I sure don't.

I decided to invest a little time into unraveling the sweater.  I wanted a project, but didn't seem to have the concentration to work on any detailed.  This seemed to fit the bill.

I had a little waste, but I still ended up with this much yarn.

I've knit two dishcloths that are going in Mama's Mother's Day basket.  She loves bright colors and her kitchen is yellow.  I think she will love them.  (Two dishcloths only used up one ball, so I still have yarn left to use up.). My plan is to fill a small basket with dish detergent, scrubbies, etc.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Cookbook Challenge

One of the things that I always have niggling in the back of my mind the question of how to best use my food storage.  Since Kimmy, of She's in Her Apron, issued a "fall in love with your cookbooks" challenge, I thought I would dig out a food storage cookbook.

This cookbook is a little different than my usual cookbooks.  The basic premise of this book is that the meals use "nothing fresh or frozen, and no water."  (Page 1 of 100 Day Pantry)  However, in the spirit of true food storage and frugality I am going to alter the recipe for Chicken Taco Soup.

(You'll notice I had already written a note to use black beans instead of ranch beans.)

So what am I using?

1 jar of my homecanned chicken
1 cup of dehydrated corn (because I have a #10 can open)
A jar of salsa
2 cups of homemade chicken broth
1 jar of home canned cranberry beans
1 chipotle pepper
Garlic, because it makes everything taste better
1 or 2 teaspoons of cumin
1 cup of whole wheat pasta
1/2 cup of water, because I added dried corn

I'm dumping it all in the Intant Pot and cooking it for 9 minutes.

Serving with shredded cheese and crackers for a quick "girls' day lunch."


Simple Curtains

For years my laundry room has simply had a valance over the window top.
Our nearest neighbors aren't super close on that side and I liked having the sunshine come in.
 Recently a gentleman has started parking his 18 wheeler in the cul-de-sac by our home.
I don't mind that at all, but he does come and go at hours when I am usually in my night clothes.
Daughter, too, for that matter.  
My husband and I decided it might be time to put up a curtain over the window.
The room is kind of small and non descriptive as far as color.  I thought a pop of color would be nice.

In keeping with my goals of using materials I have on hand, I pulled through my fabric and found a piece to use.
I had just enough of this simple red checked fabric to make two panels.
My original plan had been to machine embroider down the sides for detail.
However, when I tried my sample I felt like the pattern was being lost in the checks.

So a few hours entertainment for me.
Curtains for the laundry room.
Cost -- nothing new....this fabric was a piece that was in a huge box I bought years ago.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Menu (Month Long Experiment)

Even though I took the time to write out my full menu for the month of March, I want to track my meals weekly.  I like having the space to write out any "to do" type things and to mark when there are special circumstances.  The first few days of March look like this.

March -- Purposeful Living Goals

My goals for March are similar to those of the previous months.  

1.  Continue with my master planner.  This seems to be working well for me.  

2.  Continue to rotate things in the pantry and freezer.  

3.  Try to carry the once a month major shopping through March and stick to a monthly menu.

4.  Make my niece's birthday gift.

5.  Girls' night!

6.  Continue downsizing and poor craft room is next.

7.  Continue to work on my redecorating and stick to my budget.

8.  Do better at consistent exercising now that I have been given the all clear by the doctor.  

YouTube Creator Tag

This just shares a little bit about me and how/why I set up my YouTube channel.