Thursday, March 9, 2017

Upcycling and Repurposing Curtains

I had some plain navy blue valances that we had used where we previously lived.  I'd stuck them up at our current living room windows, but hated them there.  They were too short for this length window.

I spent some time pricing curtains online and looking at fabric in Hobby Lobby.
I just didn't want to make that kind of investment (cost wise) for something I wasn't in love with, and I just couldn't find anything I was in love with.  I did check the local thrift stores and didn't find anything there either -- not even a compromise pair of curtains.
I came back home and looked at these valances again. 

I decided to take one down and take it up to my sewing room.
I added a strip of the fabric I used to repair the sofa and then a narrow strip of navy with polka dots.
I like the contrasting patterns, but the colors mesh well together.

So I upcycled/repurposed valances used in a former home.
I did these before I cut out my throw pillows to make sure I had adequate fabric.
I had more than enough and throw pillows are next on my list.

Cost to me -- I used leftover thread (borrowing a tip from Carol and using a slightly different shade of blue in the bobbin).
The valances had more than served me well in the last I consider them a wash.
The blue polka dot fabric was a gift from Mama some time ago.
I think it took me longer to pin baste and to iron than it did to sew them.
So basically I consider this a more or less freebie.

Bonus is they tie in well with the existing fabrics I'm using.


  1. Very nice, and love the price!

    1. Thanks. That back has the only windows for the downstairs (other than a narrow one by the front door) and I love leaving the bottom open for natural light.

  2. They look so nice. I like how you made them using what you had on hand and made it work for you. I need to work on some curtains too as the sun has faded ours in the kitchen from behind. I looked at the thrift store the other day, but did not find anything that I liked. I did find a dish cloth and a dish towel, but no curtains, but I will keep looking. :)

    1. My poor kitchen doesn't have a single window. :-(

      That is great that you found a dishcloth and dish towel. I found cutrains next to impossible to find. Good luck in your search!

  3. Good job of re-purposing. I think they look really cute, like they have a petticoat sticking out.

    1. It does, now that you mention it. LOL

      I love the lighter addition. I'm not much of a dark colored person.


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