Monday, March 20, 2017

Crazy Week(end)

Last week was such a crazy week, as far as me being off my routine goes.  My daughter was gone for spring break, I traveled to work with my husband, and then I had a couple of days where Mama came to stay with me.  I'm so behind in my blog reading I am not sure when I will catch up.

 However, I did have a great week. I continued to work on the usual -- eating things we have on hand, using up craft supplies, etc.

In the food department, we ate and I cooked it from ingredients we had on hand.  Of course, I didn't keep a list.  I remember making a big pot of soup for one day and eating on it for a  We had fried chicken in there somewhere.  Oh, and chicken pasta from the freezer.

 On the craft supplies, I actually worked on 4 placemats that I have had lingering in my stash for years.  They are a Christmas pattern, and I always tell myself I'll make them for Christmas decor.  Yet, when Christmas time rolls around I'm too busy doing other things to finish the project.  This year I am going to get them ready in advance.

 I also made a trip to Hobby Lobby while Mama was visiting. I did buy a few things that I needed.  I'm trying to be careful and only buy things needed for finishing an ongoing project.  I bought three packets of bias binding for the placemats and a rotary cutter blade.  Then I picked up three skeins of yarn for ordered projects.  (I'll share those in a second.). I also bought two pieces of decor.  Both were marked down, and they are designated for the top of a shelf I keep in the upstairs hall.  

These are the projects I bought yarn for -- mermaid tail cocoons and matching headbands.
I've sold three and had an order for a fourth.  (I am buying more yarn for the fourth today.)
They're sized newborn to 3 months and go up to the underarm....most people are using them in photos.

Then one of the pieces for the upstairs shelf was a "color me" canvas.
I settled in with my favorite markers and colored these cute little birds.


  1. Oh! I love those mermaid tail blankets. Too cute! It's nice to be too busy rather than bored out of your mind. Good luck on more sales!


  2. Those baby mermaid tails are adorable!

    1. Thanks! I'm working on downsizing the pattern to make one for a doll baby now. It's a custom order, but a pleasant math project.


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