Monday, March 6, 2017

Chicken Chili

As part of the loving your cookbooks challenge, I am trying to make a point to justify having all these cookbooks around.
Last night, just before bed time I settled in to look for some recipes.
We had chicken and rice on the menu, but after talking about it we decided we didn't really want chicken and rice.
I had the chicken thawing in the refrigerator, and I knew I wanted to do a slow cooker meal today.
I pulled out my giant crockpot cookbook and started flipping through chicken recipes.

After some back and forth, we agreed upon chicken chili.

I put just under 2 cups of navy beans in water to soak overnight.

This morning, I cubed my chicken, drained the beans, and tossed in all the ingredients.

I forgot to photograph the peppers and I also added a heaping teaspoon of chicken bouillon. 

We did not add jalapeño peppers or onion.
I used onion powder.
I also won't add my salt until the beans are tender.


  1. Looks good. It's nice to have something different once in a while. I've been cleaning out my cookbooks. Some I haven't cracked open in years.


  2. Sounds really tasty! I have been going through my cookbooks, and for the ones where there are just a couple of recipes we use, I'm scanning those pages and then sharing the cookbooks with friends or family. :)


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