Friday, March 3, 2017

March Stockup

We are pretty well stocked for the month of March.  I had a few holes in my pantry that I filled and I picked up some meats on discount.  I also know that to some of you this will look like a ton of junk food.  In a way, it is.  However, it was all bought with specific things in mind.  We will be on the road each weekend this month, including an out of state trip.  The costs of eating on the road are high and we like to have things to munch on.  While I will pack some homemade items for the "going portion" of the trips, we will rely on sealed packages for the "coming back portions" of the trips.  There are also sodas for my daughter for school and some snack items (such as Goldfish) that go in her lunches.  These aren't the cheapest items, but they are far less expensive than her eating out.  She also has to leave her food in the car because of her lab rules so we have to have items that can withstand heat.

You'll notice that there are not many veggies other than canned tomatoes and not any fruit.  I have a ton of frozen, canned and home canned that we are working on....for both fruits and veggies.  I've been told that the produce stand that I pass on weekends is opening soon and I will check to see what they have.

Beef is the only meat I am low on.  I found decent mark downs.  I haven't decided if I will can the meat or freeze it.  I'm leaning toward canning it.  (The lone package of turkey will be frozen.)

We bought meats, sodas, flour, 3 packages of turkey bacon, Oreos, fruit snacks, Goldfish, 4 bags of candy, 8 yogurts, 1 package of refrigerator dough, 1 package of refrigerator cookie dough, 8 cans of tomatoes, 2 bottles of pancake syrup, 1 jar of pasta sauce, 10 sleeves of Ritz crackers, chocolate coffee (our treat), a toothbrush, 2 bottles of body wash, 1 can of pledge, a can opener, a plunger, 7 brownie mixes, 4 cake mixes, 4 lbs, of cheese, bacon bits, 2 cartons of lactose free milk, and 4 (18 count) cartons of eggs.

I also bought these boxes of cereal.  Believe it or not, they are for a party.
We were having a hard time getting together as a family for my brother's birthday. 
Due to crazy schedules, the only time we can all meet is Sunday morning.
However, he lives an hour away and has to be to work by noon.
We're doing a breakfast party.
Every person is bringing cereal and each family is bringing milk.
No having to arrive early, no major clean up, and the children will all be happy.
The children are the reason for two of these
(We'll have coffee and juice, too.)

So what did I spend?
I spent $211.95 including tax.
I saved $32.07 on mark downs and coupons.
Then I did an additional $14 in coupons on Ibotta.
If anyone is interested, I can share a group number. 
(If I understand correctly, the larger the group the better the savings benefits.)

$15.00 of that comes out of my gift budget for the party.
So I am at $197 for the month.
I'm expecting to have to buy milk, a few fresh items, and possibly more sodas depending on my husband's needs.
However, I think all in all I did pretty well.


  1. Looks like a good shopping trip, great to find bargains on meats, the most expensive part of my budget. Agree, it's best to buy foods ahead for road trips, DD's school. Much cheaper than vending machines, cafeterias, restaurants/take out.

    1. Meat is expensive. I was kind of surprised to find that much marked down.
      Snack type items bought in bulk are definitely more cost effective than convenience stores on the road. I cringe when I see a soda that costs what I can pay for a couple of two liters.

  2. I think you did great! And we all need a little treat from time to time. I LOVE oreos, but rarely buy them because I can quite literally eat half a pack in one sitting. That isn't good for anyone! :)

    I used to make brownies all the time, but I must have burned out because it's really been years I think since I've made a batch. My parents brought some with them when they were visiting and now I have a taste for them again. They'll have to wait until after lent.

    And totally agree -- even though you bought food that you might not normally consume, it's better to buy ahead at reasonable prices than pay for the gas station mark up on travel foods.

    1. Thanks. I have a weakness for Oreos and rarely buy them, too...for the same reason you don't. I'm hoping to put 4 in a baggie to go to school with my daughter and have her hide the package LOL

      This time of year my husband works from early morning until 11:00 at night. Brownies keep well and I can send a baked batch with him. That little boost of sugar does the trick for him. Plus, we like keeping a few back just for us girls.

  3. You snagged some really good buys, and I understand the foods for a trip. We just got back from NYC and though we took nothing, we did go to a local grocery store and buy some nibbles. So much more affordable than buying things out, even though cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery were very tempting. (Yeah the packaged cupcake from Duane Reed was not the same but it is what we had anyway)
    Ah, the brownie mix looks divine, but like Laura I will have to wait until after Lent.


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