Monday, December 12, 2016

Meals in Review

Last week kind of flew by for me. 
I've been helping paint at my sister's new (old) house.
I had guests a few days and I spent time with them.
We've kept to our vegan meals and I think we've eaten a wide variety of foods.
I was craving potato salad and I wondered how the potatoes would do roasted.
I air fried them and then made the potato salad as usual. 
It turned out really well.  I served it with cabbage, corn on the cob, and beets.
I had a lingering banana and I used it up in some quick muffins.

We had Moroccan Chicken and I made a homemade seitan "chicken" to use in it. 
I served it with chickpea bread and a garden salad.

I actually air fried these.  Simple "taco" rolls made using a beef substitute ans salsa for dipping.

Sweet potato hash, because I love the flavor blend.

I made up two lasagnas and baked one. 
The other went into the freezer to have on hand for my upcoming surgery.


Scrambled tofu and veggies because I needed a quick breakfast one day.

I air fried okra.  I simply thawed some frozen and tossed in seasoned cornmeal.
I sprayed them with "Pam" and cooked them.

I air fried some simple cherry pastries.
These were an experiment to see how they would do.
My husband really liked them.

I served 3 Bean Chili with crackers.
I didn't photograph it, but I turned the leftovers into a vegetable soup that I served with cornbread.


  1. Yum! I love beets -- are the ones pictured home canned/pickled? I brought a pint of my mom's pickled beets back with me after my recent vacation; they're all for me, too, as Michael does not like beets at all.

    Your photos have me considering an air fryer -- looks like you've really been successful with it!

    1. I love pickled beets, but last year I didn't put any up. sigh -- so I settled for canned.

  2. Your sister greatly appreciates all the hard work. I love how it's all coming togther


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