Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Frugal Happenings

Last week we did a few things I considered to be frugal.  We did a few things that weren't frugal cost wise, but were budgeted.  I'm not sure how that works out in every person's mind.  To me if we budgeted it and planned for it, it is still frugal in the sense it was planned for.  So does that make it a "frugal splurge" or a "planned splurge" .... I don't know...

I made a chocolate pie instead of buying the chocolate freezer pie my daughter loves.  I used store brand ingredients and pantry staples to make it.  The bonus was it was vegan and could be eaten by everyone.  (I used store brand coconut milk, store brand soy milk, a coupon to reduce the cost of the requested crust, corn starch from food storage, etc.)

I helped paint walls at my sister's new to her home.  This was a gift to her and cost me time.  In return I had a good visit with family. I had my annual mammogram and scheduled it the same day as another doctor's appointment.  One trip for two appointments and I packed my lunch and coffee to go.  I also picked up my husband's medicine while I was in that town.  

My mama visited for a night and I got to spend time with her.  Free and priceless at the same time.

Even though we used some convenience items, I survived the last week of the semester.  We ate at home and I used either freezer storage or pantry storage to enhance our meals.  I bought a few fresh veggies and fruits from Aldi for the lowest cost.  I also added a case of beets to our storage.  I used up half a cabbage and will use the second half to make egg rolls. We tried a crockpot meal of Moroccan Chicken. I realized I didn't have frozen chicken substitute.  Instead of running out to pick up some I opted to make homemade seitan.  A little mixing on my part and I had enough for that meal, plus enough for at least two more meals...possibly three.  I also used pantry ingredients to make it.  Another win win.  Plus my husband liked it!  I made chickpea bread to go with it using pantry items.

  I've almost finished the Christmas shopping. I used Amazon Prime to save on shipping and sent items directly to family members.  

We had an item break and it will be replaced because we saved our warranty information and we were able to use that.

We saved $55 on an item we have been wanting and looking for for some time.  We wanted a simple DVD/Blu Ray player.  We waited until we found it on sale for $30 less and added a $25 rewards to it.  We paid $26 when it was all said and done.  (Our last DVD player died over 2 years ago and we have borrowed a video game system from my daughter to substitute in.  However, on weekends we would have to decide which of us could use it.)

I did go to the Neighborhood Market to pick up some items I needed that I cannot buy at Aldi.  I combined this trip with a library trip.  During this same trip I picked up vegan cheese from the only store that carries the brand I like.  My husband and I did this together and he gassed up the car while we were out.  

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