Monday, January 4, 2016

16 in 2016

One of the groups I participate on in Ravelry is doing a 16 in 2016 "along" and I made my list.  It isn't a set in stone list, but one of the things that I decided to do was put a few practical things on there, too. That included updating some of my handmade dishcloths. I retired those that had developed holes and shuffled those that looked horribly used up over to the car washing and rag stack.  I took advantage of a yarn sale and came home with 15 ounces of worsted weight cotton to use.  My husband is happy because he now has car washing cloths that aren't shot and I am happy because I now have a dozen knew dishcloths and five scrubbies for about 80 cents each if I had paid full price for the yarn.  However, I had a $10 off coupon, which knocked my yarn down to $5 -- so these ended up costing me less than 20 cents each to make.  I doubled up my time while I was watching PBS and BBC shows I had been saving to see, kept my hands busy, and added a little beauty back to my daily life.  A win win situation for me.  I also am happy knowing that the thicker yarns hold up well and I will get a lot of use from these.

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