Sunday, January 10, 2016

Intentional Leftovers

One of the things I like to do to make weekends easier is plan around intentional leftovers. 

Friday night we had crockpot steak with gravy, rice, and broccoli with brownies for dessert. I cooked extra rice and we had extra broccoli. The next morning I pulled a bag of stir fry veggie mix from the chest freezer and four chicken breast halves.  A quick stir fry of the cubed chicken, add the veggies, rice and seasonings (in this case teriyaki) and I had a quick lunch for 6 with enough left for two lunches this upcoming week.  I even cooked enough brownies for us to have an afternoon snack the next day. 

Fast forward to Sunday night and I have a shepherd's pie baking. While I was cooking the meat and veggie filling (using ground turkey bought on sale and my home canned veggies) I added a little extra for a cup or so for soup. I used my homemade mix for cream of whatever soup (I added mushrooms from my storage), and while it was cooking I turned that extra cup of filling into a jar of soup for my husband to take with him this week.  All I did was add a little onion, some turkey stock I had and some barley. Since he has a three day workweek in the office and two days of traveling, this will be perfect for him. He will need three lunches and two suppers. He will be having soup, stir fry, and leftover casserole. I'll add fruit to his bag and he will make oatmeal for his breakfasts.  Since he will be closer to home on the nights of his conference he will eat here with us. 

Easy, nutritious, frugal, and created very little extra mess for me to deal with. Can't beat that!

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