Saturday, April 1, 2017

April's Goals

Making monthly goals for 2017 has worked pretty well for me.  I think the shorter term mentality makes it easier for me to zone in on things to focus on.  Reviewing them every month also helps me stay on track.

 April is always a kind of crazy month for me.  We hit the end of tax prep season, which I always look forward to seeing go...not because of clients or work, but it just gets crazy by the beginning of April.  This year my husband actually has the week after Easter off and I am not sure what we are doing.  I do believe our grandson is going to spend that week (or at least part of it) with us.

With those things in mind, I am making a shorter list this month.

 1.  Start a small patio/container garden.

 2.  Continue to work on sewing my spring/summer wardrobe.

 3.  Continue to use up craft supplies/sewing supplies I have on hand.

 4.  Keep up the master planner and continue to use up pantry items and eat from our freezer.

 5.  Work on at least one Christmas gift.

 That's it.

  I'm thinking #4 will be easy because it seems to be becoming a habit.  I can hopefully combine 2, 3, and 5.   The container garden is a joint project with my husband so I think we can get that done the week after Easter.

 Does anyone else have "plans" for the month of April?      


  1. I have to break down my plans in manageable bites. I have plans for the year, semi annual ones, quarterly, monthly and even weekly. I am easily distracted so I have to keep it simple for my simple mind.

  2. I am still working on my list of plans/goals....hopefully I will have a post up about them by Monday morning at the latest. =)
    Thanks for reminding me with your #1 about gardening!! I would like to try to do a patio garden to accompany our small plot in the yard.

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