Sunday, April 23, 2017

Menu Plans

I'm trying to get life back on a steady pace around here.   I don't believe we truly need anything from the store other than perhaps milk.

 Our week is shaping up to have a medium level of "busy ness," and I want to keep things rolling on as steady as possible.

 Monday -- I'll be trying to get the house back under control. It isn't horrible, but some areas need some detailing.  I grilled pork chops Sunday afternoon and have two left.  They'll become the base for fajitas.

 Tuesday -- I have a doctor's appointment in the morning and my daughter has a night class.  However, my husband is coming home tht evening.  I am going to cook BBQ chicken in the slow cooker.

 Wednesday -- My husband and I have a day of errands and meetings.  We will have breakfast for supper. Sausage and egg sandwiches perhaps.

 Thursday -- I have a second doctor's appointment and then an evening meeting.  I'm going to cook macaroni and cheese.

 Friday -- We are going to have a homemade pizza night, which we haven't had in a while.


  1. We've been eating our way through the freezer and pantry for the last couple of months. NOt the most interesting meals, but sure can't complain about the grocery bills. Thanks for reminding me that we haven't made a pizza in quite a while.


    1. We worked ours down so that I could refil it. Seems like an odd cycle, but ... now it is time to work down some more things.

  2. I hope you have a great week!

  3. Hope the week is great. I am continuing to use our freezer as my primary food source, filling in with fresh produce. What once seemed like a bottomless pit is slowly but surely emptying, just in time for me to start refilling it.

    1. I seem to do the same thing. I fill ours with meats in the spring and then work it down over summer. (I'm always antsy about having it too full come hurricane time.)


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