Thursday, April 20, 2017

Newest Frugal Addition

Our giant drying rack is together and handling her first couple of loads. 
We're affectionately referring to her as "The Beast."
She was kind of expensive, but I saved enough on the electric bills to pay for her.
All future savings will be gravy so to speak.

Up until now I could not dry towels or bedding without using the dryer. 
I'm hoping to officially cut back to only using it for emergencies.


  1. She's a dandy! I have three racks, but none as large as yours. I found a tiny one at a garage sale that's perfect for socks and undies. Can't live without my drying racks!


    1. I have "killed" several small ones over the years. I have one left and I love it. When I went to replace the smaller ones I found the costs had really gone up drastically. I started searching and decided to go with a big one.

  2. That is one big rack! How long is it taking your clothes to air dry?

    1. I was surprised at how large it really is. I had been washing and just not worrying about folding until the next morning. I'm not sure how quickly they were drying....although I know in the summer heat it won't take long even inside. I find (as usual) jeans and towels take the longest.


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