Saturday, April 29, 2017

Goals for April -- Review

April is a kind of nutty month for me.  Even with that I did manage to at minimum partially accomplish almost everything on my purposeful living goals for the month.  

 1.  Patio container garden -- roma tomatoes, basil, some flowers, bell pepper, oregano, cilantro.  I have my basics ready and I'm picking up potting soil tomorrow afternoon so I can finish up.  So this was a partial success.  We had so much rain last week I didn't even pretend to plant.

 2.  Sewing summer wardrobe and using supplies on hand -- I was half and half on this.  I did finish a few items (like my capris).  I did sew up some simple dresses for my niece using things on hand.  I also used up several partial spools of thread.  However, I did buy patterns.  We also had errands several towns away and as a treat my husband took me to JoAnn's.  I bought a couple of yards of various fabrics.  All but one were on discount and all were for set projects.

 3.  Using on hand supplies -- I did pull a free sweater pattern from online and yarn from my stash.  I've finished the back and one sleeve.

 4.  Christmas gift -- I didn't work on a single one.  Sad, but true.  


  1. April passed me by without getting a Christmas gift finished also and I kind of think May will be the same.

    1. I'm not even adding it to my May list. I am feeling totally uninspired.


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