Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Final Countdown

We're entering the final countdown of craziness to get the last few tax returns out.  This has been a weird season for me because I have only been working weekends.  That is changing this week and I'll be working pretty much daily right on up to the deadline.  However, we are cutting off on April 15th.

 I spent my last day of freedom (only answering phone lines) today.  I took advantage of it and worked on one more summer dress.

 This one is a crinkly cotton.  (I'm woefully ignorant of whether it has a proper name or not...sigh).  This was the first time I worked with it.  In all honesty, I like the pattern and the way the directions are written.  However, I would do some things differently the second time around if I were to use this fabric again. I'd double my facings, rather than try to use interfacing.  I'd also use French seams.

The fabric tends to want to fray a little.  I think those things would have made for a better finished product.

Ironically, I don't think I'll use this fabric again.  I wasn't thrilled with how it sewed and I dont like not being able to truly press things when I sew. Having said all of that.  I do like the color(s), and it does fit well.  


  1. A lovely SEERSUCKER shift for Summer! : ) Well done.

    1. Thank you! I knew it had a name and my mind could not conjure it up to save my life. LOL


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