Sunday, July 9, 2017

July Goals and June ReCap

I just realized I didn't formally write down my July goals or recap my June.  I'm blaming it on not feeling well, but in part I've just been busy, too.

 June -- I didn't finish the blue and white cardigan....I am close, but still not there.  I didn't keep to the food budget due to life changes.  I didn't sew the dress....I know, but I have been  What I did do was pack for road trips, keep the electric bill down, and finish my library book.   At first, I felt like I hadn't accomplished a lot.

In hindsight, I did do a lot of things that were not on my list.  I did some canning.  I traveled with my family.  I attended some events.  Celebrated birthdays.  

However, I have a project in the works.  I managed to complete the reading and notes on 7 research books.  That is where a lot of my time went.   I pretty much did all the things listed 4 days a week because this is the month that my husband has Friday's off....and I've spent every weekend with him.  So while not perfect, I am call June a success.  

 July's goals are pretty simple:
 1.  Try to keep the electric bill down as much as possible and still have air conditioning.
 2.  Continue to do some selective canning and dehydrating.
 3.  Work on using the freezer storage down.
 4.  Celebrate two birthdays -- my daughter's and my husband's.
 5.  Continue my research and the online course I am taking.
 6.  Continue to perfect using the sun oven.

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