Friday, July 7, 2017

July Challenge Meals (July 1 - 8)

We have all agreed that we absolutely must eat down the freezer July is the month. 

Saturday July 1
 Breakfast -- homemade chocolate chip waffles with syrup
 Lunch -- leftover pulled pork on brioche buns with cole slaw
 Supper -- barbecued chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, cole slaw
 Snacks -- brownies, popcorn

 Sunday July 2
 Breakfast -- cereal with soy milk/milk
 Lunch and Supper -- clean out refrigerator day
 Snacks -- graham crackers, brownies

 Monday July 3
 Breakfast -- egg, cheese, flour tortilla wraps
 Lunch -- yogurt
 Leftovers Supper -- fried chicken (cooked enough for lunch for the next day), string beans with potatoes
 Snacks -- graham crackers

 Tuesday July 4
 Breakfast -- blueberry pancakes
 Lunch -- fried chicken, squash with onions, cucumbers in vinegar, string beanss with potatoes Supper -- homemade pizzas (one pepperoni and cheese, one veggie with mushrooms, bell pepper, etc.)
 Afternoon tea -- tea and biscuits as a nod to our British heritage
 Snacks -- popcorn, cookies, ice cream  

 Wednesday July 5
 Breakfast -- don't laugh....I pulled out a hodge podge of leftover veggies from the day before.  My daughter had cereal.
 Lunch -- homemade pizza leftovers
 Supper --  everyone fixed a plate of hodgepodge leftovers.

Thursday July 6
Breakfast -- eggs with cheese
Lunch -- cereal (long story)
Supper -- crockpot barbecue meatballs, string beans, potatoes

Friday July 7 (Road trip)
Breakfast/Lunch -- I baked 8 biscuits and fried ham to go in them.  Extras are for on the road.  I also packed snacks from food storage.

Saturday -- We will be out of state and I have allotted for at least one meal out during the trip.


  1. I am not laughing at your veggie breakfast. A lot of days I eat whatever was left over from the night before, just so it won't get pushed to the back of the fridge to die a lingering death.

    1. Me, too. If it ever makes it to the back of the fridge, all bets are off....and I hate to waste food.

  2. I wouldn't laugh about eating vegetables for breakfast. I do it often. :)

    1. I'm glad. My kids think I eat the weirdest things for breakfast. I kind of wonder who the "they" was that decided foods are breakfast foods versus any other meal of the day.

  3. I eat leftovers for breakfast a lot, as well. I like them better than traditional breakfast foods.


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