Friday, July 14, 2017

Publix Review

Publix is new to our area and still in their grand opening.  Even though I am not officially buying groceries, I had to be out that way for an appointment this morning.  I walked in to see what they had.

Unfortunately the first thing I smelled when I walked in was their seafood department.  I should have known to turn around and walk out.  Instead I told myself I would just avoid that counter and be fine.  I hadn't made it out of the store good before I was having difficulty breathing.  I've spent the day in a drug induced haze and 9 hours later still am having some respiratory issues.

Needless to say Publix is off of my shopping rotation permanently. However, I did buy some cereal and some crackers that were B1G1.  The cereal was my daughter's favorite and the cracker stores I had in the pantry were pretty much depleted.  I toyed with baking my own, but it is just too hot.

The store is beautifully arranged and the prices are a little on the high end, but everything seemed high quality.  So all in all, I would say if you have one near and try to shop on a budget -- definitely do cherry picking of their sales.

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  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry you had a bad reaction in the store. They do a pretty brisk business in our area selling freshly steamed seafood, what a bummer that prevent you from using the store.


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