Monday, July 3, 2017

The Last Week of June (Frugal Happenings)

Sunday -- I wasn't feeling well.  Fortunately I had cooked extra hamburger steak the day before.  We mostly used it for meals.  The extent of my cooking was to bake a cake.  My husband and daughter had been hinting for some time that they would like one.  I wasn't ill enough to sleep so I spent most of the day reading.  I actually finished reading one book and read two other history books. I woke up about midnight feeling a little better and I did pay the bills.  I'm excited to say that even with summer heat I've been able to keep our utilities below $200.  They were just below $189.  Of course, we have not hit our hottest months yet.

 Monday -- I picked up a Sam's Club order.  There was only one food item -- a package of beef for the freezer.  All the rest was cleaning, pet care, and household supplies.  I try to do this twice a year if possible although some things I do have to look for quarterly.  By timing it with sales I was able to save over $79 on things we normally buy and use.  Running two households either requires duplicates or items big enough to split in half.  Sam's Club works well for us on that.  I also make a point to order online and just do pick up at the store whenever it is possible.  This helps me make certain I don't do any impulse purchases.  

 Tuesday -- I spent the day down -- with a migraine combined with a stomach virus.  We kind of ate whatever we could find.  I didn't do a lot of anything.  

 Wednesday -- I was feeling some better.  I bleached all the surfaces I could bleach, washed my bedding, and stayed in.     

 Thursday -- Perfect day to test the solar oven again.  I baked brownies and made a batch of beans and rice.  We went to the thrift store and I bought 1 skirt, 4 blouses, and a purse.  $21.34. The blouses are all neutrals and will go with anything.  The purse was $1.99.  I had been using a backpack because I have to carry so many epi-pens, sugar testign supplies, etc.  This bag even has a pocket that is perfect for my epi-pen pouch. 

 Friday -- We had to go to Aldi to pick up milk and soy milk, while I was there they had chicken breasts (large packages) marked $4 off.  I came home with four packages for basically the price of two.  We also went to Ollie's, and I picked up a few household items.

 Saturday -- Company over for supper.  Kept it simple.  One crockpot with BBQ chicken and one with mac and cheese.  A hot day and I would have normally grilled out, but they were calling for early evening thunderstorms.  I'm serving leftover slaw, a veggies, and some homebaked brownies.....that we baked early in the morning while it was still cooler.  


  1. Sounds like you had a frugal week. I'm sorry that you've been sick and hope you are feeling better now.

    1. Thanks! I am finally feeling human again.

  2. Way to go on your utilities bill! That is an accomplishment.

    I'm following your solar oven adventures with interest. Florida is a prime location to put one of those in action, but I have been on the fence about diving in and trying it out.

  3. We're right at $200 for our utilities, although I'm pretty pleased with that given the temps we've had already.

    I'm sorry you had a migraine -- those can really knock me out, too. Glad you are feeling better!

    1. That is really good for Florida! My best friend lives in Apopka and her bills are outrageous.


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