Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Chatter and Summer Nights

This is just a general chatter of what's going on and what's flowing through my mind.
  •  This week is my daughter's graduation.  I can't believe how quickly her first two years of college have flown by.  
  • I went to Aldi this week and stocked up for the next few weeks.  I spent $192. This included potting soil and all the supplies for a graduation get together.  I'm thinking other than milk and a few oddities that I won't have to shop for a month.  That's the plan anyway.
  • I finally planted the patio garden.  We have basil, oregano, Roma tomatoes, green onions, radishes, and bell pepper potted.  I also planted a "hummingbird" mix of flowers in a pot to go by the front door.
  • I'm ready for the heart monitor to be off!  Tomorrow is the day...thank goodness.  It isn't painful, but it is kind of irritating.
  • The last few days have been kind of cool temperature wise....the house has stayed in the 60s.
  • Daughter sold back a college text book. 
In the midst of general errands and life, I'm still working on my sewing projects.  Even though the temps have been cool, I know summer is coming.  I decided to go with a lightweight gown for my sleepwear portion of the challenge.

The lace, thread, and fold over elastic all came from my stash.
The floral print (reminds me of watercolor flowers) came from the remnant bin at JoAnn's.
The pattern is from an older Kwik Sew lingerie book that I am not sure is even in print anymore.
Total cost for the gown is approximately $5.
My personal challenges for this project were:
1.  Using this lace.  I had never sewn with it.  I opted to keep seams less bulky by using the fold over elastic for finishing it off.
2.  I'm still working on more professional finishing.  I overlocked all the seams and used a lovely lilac thread for stopstitching.  The inside looks like a purchased gown.

I'm not sure which piece I will work on next.  I'm torn between a skirt and the cardigan.

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  1. Anne, I somehow accidentally deleted your comment.

    It is wonderful that #3 is graduating!


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