Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Somber Wear

Somber wear seems like such an odd category to me.
I rarely ever wear all black or all of one color period.
I love florals and almost all other prints.

For my somber wear, I pulled from my stash some dark navy fabric with a simple floral pattern.
I've had this fabric for a good 13 years or so.
I bought it when I was learning to sew some simple things.
Of course, it is slippery fabric and I never could bring myself to try sewing it up.
This challenge offered me the perfect excuse.

The fabric, pattern, zipper, and thread all came from my stash.
(An old pattern from before the giant box I purchased....in fact, I don't remember buying it at all so I am thinking it may have been one that was given to me.)

The detailing doesn't show up well, but the waist line has an inverted v and there are slight gathers under the bust.

In keeping with my personal challenges:

1.  The fabric is indeed slippery and a bit fiddly.  This dress took a lot of pin basting.
Then the fabric wanted to fray and I spent a lot of extra time carefully finishing each seam.

2.  I put in an invisible zipper.  It took two tries, but I finally got it.

3.  I cut two sizes larger for the top and graded down for the waist and hips.  My basic shape is an inverted triangle.
I'm broad shouldered and larger through the bust.  It took a couple of tries of fitting the waist, but I'm pleased with the results.

However, this dress does remind me of why I very rarely wear dark colors.
They just don't make me happy overall....so somehow this seems perfect for my somber wear.


  1. When my dad died and all should have been somber I wore a dress he love for me to wear since he loved seeing me in blue. Somber? Nope but extremely appropriate

    1. How sweet! I totally understand. My dad did not allow me to wear black. I could have a black skirt to wear, but that was about it. When he died none of us women wore black. It was a tribute to his preferences.


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