Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday Monday ....

My husband stayed home today...still not feeling perfect.  I had an errand to run and while I was out I stopped in at Aldi to pick up some sodas.  They had eggs for 89 cents a dozen so I picked up four dozen while I was there.  I also picked up some salsa because I was totally out.  (I had originally decided I would just do without it, but since I was there anyway I went ahead and got some.).  I managed to spend some time in the kitchen today.  I baked two loaves of French bread. The recipe was one I hadn't tried before.  The loaves aren't as pretty as I would have liked, but my family says they taste good so I consider it a win.
Of course, the menu changed when I found out my husband would be home.
Kind of funny, since I didn't make it through Monday.
I marinated some pork chops and grilled those.
I served them with fried cabbage, carrot sticks, and cucumber slices.


  1. I think your french bread loaves are quite lovely! That they taste good is just a bonus!

    1. Thanks. I opted to not brush them with egg and I wonder if that would have boosted the color....but they are almost totally gone so I will probably use the recipe again.


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