Monday, May 8, 2017

Summer Days aka Shorts Weather

Summer days are fast approaching and in the South that means hot weather is on the horizon.

In the sewing challenge one of the items we could make was a pair of dress pants or slacks.
I asked for, and received, permission to substitute dress shorts and everyone was fine with that.
In my area, a pair of longer shorts made of a dressier fabric and a nice top can be worn almost anywhere.

In keeping with my personal challenge to myself I used this as an opportunity to expand my skills.

These shorts are made with a bottom weight cotton with a bit of stretch.
I cut out one size and graded down the hips to the next size.
I still kept them loose enough because my personal preference is slightly looser dress pants.
These have my first ever attempt at a mock fly and zipper.

The cost wasn't horrible on these.  I actually found the fabric on clearance at JoAnn's.
It was the end of the bolt and there wasn't any more to be found.
However, there was a perfect amount for shorts for me.

The thread, zipper, and pattern all came from my stash.
Total I have less than $7.00 in a custom fit pair of shorts, so not too bad.


  1. Good job! If I had as nice of legs as you, I'd be open to wearing shorts too. I've purchased several books on sewing pants and have watched dozens of tutorials but still haven't mastered a good fly, so I can appreciate your skills.


    1. Thanks! It took a bit of scratching my head and thinking to figure out what they were saying to do, but in the end I managed it.


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