Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sew a Long Challenge

The Facebook sewing group I am a member of does contests/challenges.  The challenge for this quarter is sew 2 items from a list of 13 wardrobe essentials in May and June and then 2 more items from the list in July and August.  The rules are you can choose any two per month divide, but cannot overlap categories.

The list is a pretty good list:

1.  Cocktail dress -- AKA the much esteemed Little Black Dress
2.  Skirt
3.  Shirt/Blouse
4.  Trench coat
5.  Blazer
6.  Dress slacks
7.  Jeans
8.  Dress
9.  Night wear or lingerie
10.  Work out Clothes
11. Blazer
12. Cardigan
13.  Accessory

There aren't really many rules past that.  The patterns can be old/new/self drafted, etc.  Reasonable interpretations are allowed.

I've been planning my list of attack.  I'd really like to make as many of the items as I can simply because I am working on expanding my skills set and each of these items offers a great opportunity to learn something new.

Amusingly I have on hand fabric and patterns for everything but the jeans.  I actually have a pattern, but not the fabric I would need.  The accessory might be an issue, too.  I'm kind of up in the air about it.

I requested permission to do a dress style shorts for the dress slacks.  I'm kind of retired and it is totally too hot in the South for me to want to wear dress pants.  Thank goodness I can get away with a nice "dressy" shorts.  So that is first on my list.

I've also planned a dress that I'll share some about tomorrow.


  1. What a great sewing challenge! Can't wait to see the results!

    1. I'm kind of antsy about it. My sewing skills aren't grand, but I know if I don't try then I'll never

  2. For accessory, how about a scarf, infinity scarf, tote, wallet, tissue carrier?


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