Friday, May 5, 2017

Sewing for my Husband

I've never made a man's button up/down shirt before -- or hadn't until now.

Even though this isn't on my sewing challenge, it is in keeping with my desire to learn new skills. In addition to being the first try at this, I also practiced some other new skills.

 1. French seams -- not as hard and as mysterious as the name implies, but the extra edge stitching and seaming adds a lot of extra time to the garment.  However, the finished result is nice.

 2.  I also had to add length to the shirt because of my husband's height.   I am thinking about naming my seam ripper, because she and I are now on friendly terms.  I've apologized for what I said when I had to take the collar off.  It took me two tries with it, and I think it still isn't perfect.  I really didn't want to ruin the fabric by taking it on and off repeatedly.  It is more than fine to wear...just a flaw I see. It is in need of a good pressing, but all in all I am pleased with the results.

 (The lighting isn't great, but it is actually a peach color more so than a pink.)

 Oh, this one was pretty frugal, too.  The fabric, thread, and buttons were all from my stash.  (Well, frugal if we don't try to figure up a cost per hour kind of thing.  It took me a long time, but since it was my learning experience I'm okay with that.)


  1. Nice! One year when I was a kid Mom bought a beautiful wool tweed and made Dad a gorgeous sports coat lined with silk. (Her first and only sewing for an adult male.) Unfortunately she put the buttons on like a woman's jacket. He never wore it, so she recut it and made a coat for me. As a young girl I did not want a coat made from menswear fabic

    1. I went and pulled one of his shirts to make sure I go them on the right side. I'm totally left/right challenged to begin with and then trying to reverse


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