Sunday, September 3, 2017

August is Over (Frugal Happenings)

August is over!  I can't believe it.

 All in all, it was a quiet week for me.  We ate at home from supplies on hand.  I didn't even leave the house until Thursday.  I had an appointment for a hair cut.  I needed it desperately.  Every time I try to let my hair get longer, I find it mentally weighs me down.  I'm just happiest with short hair.  (My husband says it is because I am feisty and it matches my personality, and if I am honest, I would say he may be right.)  

 While I was on my way home, I stopped by Target to use a $10 gift card we had.  I picked up my daughter a vest for this fall.  The gift card covered a little over a third of the cost so that was nice.  She is very hot natured and will wear vests instead of jackets quite frequently.

 We had a meeting with our attorney about some paperwork, which was not inexpensive, but long term having everything squared away is the better option.

 I checked the Sam's Club sales and purchased a few items. The savings of a bulk purchase combined with the coupons they offer is sometimes worth me buying a few things and putting them aside.  We also needed eggs, cheese, and a few things like that.

 I used a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby to buy some new embroidery scissors.  Using my old pair (when I was working on my skirt) showed me just how dull they had become.  I've been using them for years, and if memory serves me correctly I purchased those with a coupon then.

  I wore my "new to me" project (skirt) to a reception at the art museum.  

 We had our free flu shots at CVS.  We receive $5 off of $25 by using them.  (They're our regular "go to" pharmacy.)  I used the coupons, combined with sales to purchase some new makeup.  Several items I had needed replacing and I was totally out of mascara.

I used coupons to get large tubes of toothpaste (3) for .99 each.  I doubled coupons to get one bottle of vitamins free.  I also used coupons and bonus points to get my preferrred brand of foundation free.

We had to buy an electronic item for our home and through price matching we were able to get it for $50 less at our local Best Buy.

I picked up Christmas gifts for two more people on my list.

We used coupons to get burgers (B1G1) at a local fast food restaurant.  Our fancy meal out cost us $4.58.

 As usual, we tried to eat from the food stores at home.  By the end of the week we had actually run out of several things.  I like it when that happens because it lets me know I am rotating my stock.

  We gassed the cars up.  Normally we don't necessarily keep them all 100% full, but the gas prices are climbing more than 20 cents a gallon a day.  (Some stations went over 40 cents higher in one afternoon.)  

 I'm sure there were other little things here and there, but these were the highlights of the week.      


  1. I'm the same way with my hair. I like long hair, but I love mine short, so that is what I wear it like. They offered the flu shot $5 off $25 at CVS to me too, that is a great deal. :)

    1. Me too! I love how long hair looks on some people, but it just drives me insane.

      I love that you can get the flu shot at the CVS without paying for a doctor's visit, too.

  2. Could the embroidery scissors be resharpened?

    1. I debated that. They are so tiny that we decided we would ask the next time the guy who does them is in town. However, I managed to get a pair for less than $6 and I am not sure he wouldn't charge that much or more to sharpen then. For the sake of expediency, I decided to buy a pair. Worst case, I will end up with two pair.


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