Monday, September 11, 2017

Last Week's Frugalities

We were spared from the wrath of hurricane Irma, but prepping for her turned last week into a less frugal than planned kind of week. I spent right much on supplies, but I was careful to only buy things that could be rotated into our meals.  The only exception was a few disposable plates, bowls, and silverware.  If we had found ourselves having to treat water or use what was in storage I did not want to have to use it on washing dishes.  Technically even those items will be used for future things -- perhaps another hurricane, a spell of sickness, or even an impromptu gathering.  

 We also opted to run the dryer to speed up the laundry process just to be safe, which is not on my frugal list.

 However, I did do some frugal things:

 1.  We cooked from our food storages and I cooked enough in the evenings to cover lunch for the next day.

 2.  I bought 13 books at the 50 cents book sale at our local library.  One was the cookbook I referenced and the rest are pleasure reading.  I'll read these, pass them on to Mama, who will send them back to me, and then I'll redonate them to the library.  An amusing cycle, but a great way to support the library and to introduce myself to some new to me authors at a low cost.

 3.  I did our stock up supplies at Aldi, with the exception of some extra water I purchased at Sam's Club.

 4.  I ordered two cushions I needed online.  Target was advertising them on sale, but the local store didn't have them.  I ordered them online and managed to get a 10% additional discount on the sale price.

 5.  I continued to entertain myself with my research project and the shawl I am crocheting.

And my shawl is growing:


  1. What a pretty shawl! Bummer to spend funds on storm prep, to no avail but, sadly, there are more storms brewing. Hope you won't need them, but good to know you have what you might need, in the event of a storm.

    1. Thank you.

      I've deliberately opted to set a huge plastic tub of things aside until the end of hurricane season this year. If we don't need them for an emergency, I'll use them to reduce costs later this fall. I figure better safe than sorry.

  2. SO glad you were sparred from the wrath of Hurricane Irma.

    I love your books and what a great price! I like how you and your Mom read them and then donate them to the library. Makes that 50 cent price stretch even farther. :)


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