Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mending -- Expanding my Skills

One of the things on my to learn list was how to replace a zipper.  I know how to sew one in, but replacing one can be a beast of a different nature.  The opportunity presented itself when my husband broke the zipper on a favored pair of pants.

Taking the zipper out required some maneuvering because of all the lining.
After careful consideration, I actually hand stitched this one in.  

One less item is now in the mending pile.
As if that isn't enough reward on its own --
I can mark that off my to learn list.
My husband gets to keep these pants.
I didn't have to toss them and shop for another pair.
He didn't pay someone else to fix them.
And biggest bonus of all --
He thinks I am a genius!

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