Friday, November 18, 2016

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Like most people we are in the midst of preparing for the holidays.  We originally thought we would be hosting a Thanksgiving meal, but plans have changed and we will be traveling instead.  Right after we get back we will be in the middle of end of semester work and I have two doctors' appointments thrown in there.  Because of this we decided to start our holiday decorating a little earlier than we normally do.

Since my husband was coming home to help us put up the tree I cooked one of his favorite suppers -- Shepherd's Pie.  I'm excited to say I finally have the gravy (cream of mushroom soup type) consistency I want for this casserole.  It has taken me a few tries to perfect it, but this was spot on.
There were even enough leftovers for his lunch and mine.

  We put it together while my daughter was at her night class....with the help of a kitty or two.
Her job when she got in was to decorate it.

Because we will be traveling for the holidays we are both hedging on projects our teachers have assigned for the next week so we are keeping meals simple tonight...slow cooker veggie soup and fresh whole wheat and flax rolls.  The back buns are for tomorrow and are filled with black beans and vegan cheese substitute that I seasoned with taco spices.

Since we were working in the kitchen anyway as decided to fill the cookie tin while we were at it.  These are our favorite vegan chocolate cookies.


  1. Can I ask a personal question? I use to read your old blog and you never mentioned having food allergies. Were you and your dh recently diagnosed? Sorry if that is too nosy. Cheryl

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