Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Going with the Flow

I'm finding this mini-semester class to be quite time consuming.  Before one section is finished the next is opened. Since the assignments are mostly essays I seemed to spend the first two weeks learning exactly what style my professor wants.  However, I think I finally have the general idea now.  Fortunately the class will be over the first week of December.   Meals are staying on the simple side and I've been nibbling on a bowl of pasta salad for two days now.  I have to admit to a weakness for pasta and especially pasta salad.  I used up some lingering items to pull a simple one together.  Some mixed pasta at the bottom of my pasta container, a lingering zucchini, 1/4 of a red onion, and a carrot along with 1/2 of a jar of chickpeas tossed in some quick dressing made a great salad.  I served it with sliced tomato.
Despite my required weekend trip to grab a few grocery items, my husband wanted me to go ahead and go to Sam's Club today.  I keep a running list and try to go when I have enough items on it to justify it.  I admit the list was getting long, but I didn't realize how long. Turns out he was right.  Most of the items were bathroom and cleaning supplies -- so nothing exciting.  I also came home with a bag of apples, a bag of onions, and some bell peppers.  I did buy 4 large bags of cranberries, too.  If all works out I will be canning his favorite cranberry sauce this weekend.   I did take the time to go through and look for any bits and pieces before I decided on my final shopping list.  I feel like we are pretty well stocked on most things, but I do need to pick up some stevia and soy milk from Aldi.  Fortunately I can wait until this weekend todo that.  In my bits and pieces I have about 1 more cup of mixed pasta, some opened Cheerios, some dry lentils, and some brown rice to use up.  I'll try to incorporate them into meals as this week progresses.


  1. I am so glad to find I am not the only one with bits and pieces of pasta. I keep one jar filled with whatever is left over from a package. We have some interesting looking pasta salads.

    1. I keep a container just like that. If anyone asks I just smile and say it is a gourmet mix. :-)


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