Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Busy Days

The days have been busy around here.  For our Thursday girls' day we each worked on a project.  I finished crocheting a bag I was working on -- a gift for my sister.  My sister worked on a cross stitching project.  My Mama worked on another quilt.  My poor daughter worked on calculus homework.  
Friday morning we needed to do some errands.  While we were out we went to my favorite thrift store.  We found two pair of jeans for Mama and that was all we bought there.  We also had to pick up some things at Walmart.  While I was there I found some inexpensive long sleeved t-shirts for my daughter and I bought her 4. We buy these in solid colors so she can mix and match them with jackets and sweaters through the fall and winter.  I also bought myself 4 neutral turtleneck tops.   Friday night we attended a ceremony, at which my daughter was awarded honor cords to wear for graduation.  These were for her service for both her local and regional chapter. Saturday morning we were up at 5:00 to help host a community yard sale that raises money (by collecting the rental fee for slots) for a local student organization.  I actually did a little shopping while I was there.  I came home with: 2 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of navy sweat pants for my grandson -- $3 1 sweater and 1 button up top for my niece -- $4 1 long denim jumper and matching jacket for my mom -- $4 1 pair of pants and 3 sweaters for myself -- $5 I'll share photos later.  Right now everything is hanging to dry. I did get a little baking in.  I made dinner rolls and sweet rolls.  For the sweet rolls I used cherries and orange zest I had dried over the summer.  The taste was great!
Sunday morning was miserable.  I had my flu shot Saturday and despite reassurances it cannot make you sick I was down with fever and body aches.  I don't know if it was a result of autoimmune issues or if I had been previously exposed to something.  Despite that I absolutely had to buy a few groceries for my husband to take with him this week.  However, on a good note I think we are well set for the month.  I should only have to buy perishables and any "cherry picking" items I find. Monday was chaos.  I'm swamped with my class work.  In my feverish state I messed up on an assignment.  We also had our traditional Halloween chili meal.  I was so tired by the end of the night I literally cried myself to sleep.  Thank goodness I am feeling better this morning.
I made two pots of chili.  One pot was vegan and went into the Instant Pot on slow cook mode.  I used three kinds of beans in it and added a handful of veggie crumbles near the end. 
The crockpot chili had kidney beans and ground beef.  I used some of the ground beef for two burgers for the one who will not eat chili.  I ended up with enough leftover that I browned and seasoned some for quick tacos for her lunch today.
I served crackers as the bread portion of the meal.
It was nice to pull everything from either the pantry or the freezer.  

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