Thursday, October 27, 2016

Girls' Day In

I managed to get a lot of the items on my list accomplished yesterday.  I didn't get the voting done, but I have scheduled for Saturday morning.   I also didn't get the dog bathed.  Not too bad.

Mama and my sister are spending the day with me and we will be doing a girls' day in.  Lunch is going to be  simple meal of pancakes and fruit.  For supper my daughter has requested beef and broccoli over rice.  Since both of them are meat eaters as well this will work out.  I will either make myself a baked potato with broccoli or perhaps a salad or maybe both.

For simplicities sake I am baking vegan chocolate cupcakes and I have a variety of crackers and things like that for snacking on.  Lunch will use things I have on hand.  Supper will be using freezer assets cooked in the crockpot and rice from the pantry, which I will cook in the pressure cooker.  Aiming for ease and maximum time visiting.  The plus for me -- I am only using items on hand so I do not have to do any mad dashes or expensive shopping.


  1. I love that you are using what you have on hand for entertaining. And how smart to maximize visiting time!


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