Thursday, October 20, 2016

Baked Mac and Cheese Success

This week I have tried to spend some time testing vegan dishes that I think my husband will like.  He loves baked mac and cheese and I wanted to find a creamy version.  This recipe by Robin Robertson is going to be a hit with him.  As usual I altered the recipe some.  First I started by cutting it in half.  Then I used coconut milk to avoid the sweet taste of soy, used Daiya cheddar instead of monterey jack that she calls for, substituted whole wheat noodles for white flour, omitted the miso paste, and then used homemade wheat bread crumbs.  Instead of saying I didn't follow instructions I prefer to say I improved upon  

In the process of making this I used up a partial box of noodles, some of my bread crumbs, and the rest of a package of cheese substitute.  Not too bad.

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