Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Freezer assets

A few weeks ago I put a couple of bags of soup/chili starter in the freezer.  With my class work level picking up it has turned out to be a wonderful thing.  Yesterday I spent 8 hours working on history assignments.  In between I kept the laundry going and did the vacuuming.  That was the extent of my day.  Of course, I knew we would need supper.  I pulled out a bag of the butternut squash and lentil starter and rounded it out with a few more veggies for a hearty soup.  I tossed the ingredients in the bread machine and let it bake a loaf of whole wheat bread while I worked.  The results were an easy, yet tasty, meal.    


Citrus Preservation

When I purchased my citrus fruit for the month I did not plan on more snow.  My husband normally comes home and helps me snack on it.  I als...