Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Somedays I Just Have to Cook

Somedays I just have to step back from my busy-nesss and center myself again.  Cooking usually helps me do that. After yesterday's stresses of school and other issues beyond my control, today seemed to be started out on the wrong foot.  (Or at least the same foot as yesterday...lol)  So far today I have: 1.  Had an iron infusion. 2.  Cleaned out the fridge. 3.  Taken care of the floors and detailed the kitchen. 4.  Worked on a second revision of a history essay. 5.  Folded all the laundry I had hung to dry. So accomplishment wise it wasn't going to shabbily, but I found myself feeling a little stressed.  So I stopped and refocused myself.   Since my husband is coming home tonight, I decided to cook one of his favorite meals.  We'll be having vegan burgers.  Of course, we would need buns.  So a quick batch of bread dough was in order. While I was at it I decided to make a big enough batch to have extra for a quick pizza for lunch tomorrow.  While I was getting that going I decided I needed to use up the last bits I found in the fridge when I was cleaning it out.  A quick hash came together and I now have nothing other than olives, condiments, and "cheese" left in the fridge.  Since I had a cup of pumpkin in there I decided to go ahead and make a batch of pumpkin muffins for tomorrow's breakfast.  The toaster oven made quick work of that and by the time I had pretty much finished that the pizza crust was going in.  Hopefully saving energy.  (By the way my electric bill dropped quite nicely!). Since I was in the kitchen anyway, I decided to pull together a corn and black bean salad to go with the burgers tonight.   A lot of "sinces" in there -- but since I did all that I feel decidedly more grounded.  Somedays I just have to cook -- to clear my head.  


  1. Cooking grounds me, too. I hope you feel better today! And everything looks very yummy, as usual.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it centering.


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