Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What day is it?

I crawled out of bed this morning thinking it was Wednesday, but I'm not so certain. I guess I am having a midweek Monday. I'm feeling much better after my iron infusion and I was up well before the sun was up.  I knew I had a quiz left to finish out my week's work for my history class.  No big deal.   I opened it up only to find that it is basically three more essays that are due by Sunday.  I already have a full end of the week shaping up.  I have overnight guests coming on Thursday, a school event to attend Friday with my daughter, a civic event obligation for Saturday morning, a slew of errands for Saturday afternoon, and family obligations on Sunday.  Since I am a "let's get it over with" kind of person......I wrote the first essay, edited and did what I thought was saving it.  Notice the thought.  I'm using a new to me system or rather the school is using a new to me system.  The system saved the first essay, marked the quiz as complete and locked me out.  So I am sitting here with two more essays that need to go on that quiz and I cannot figure out how to submit them to save my life.  Needless to say I've emailed the professor and I'm awaiting and hoping she will reopen the quiz.  Since it is not due until Sunday at midnight I am feeling confident she will.   On the upside -- I am officially finished with this week's writing until Friday night when next week's assignments open.  (I both like and hate the overlap So far today I have finished my basic chores, cleaned the guest bathroom, planned out the meals for guests, and worked on school work.  Not too shabby, but I still have things left on my to do list.  I'll work on getting as many of them done today as I can. To do:
  • Run one load of towels
  • Go vote
  • Vacuum downstairs 
  • Scrub my daughter's tub
  • Wipe down the kitchen counter
  • Give the dog a bath
  • Prep for paying the bills on Friday
  • Make a short grocery list out

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