Friday, October 7, 2016

Who knew?

One of the things I am trying hard to do is recreate some of our favorite holiday treats.  My husband loves sausage balls and I try to make some every fall -- either over the Thanksgiving break or Christmas holiday season.  Since we are taking off on trip and these are great travel foods I figured it was a good time to try them.

I won't lie and say these are particularly healthy, but we are aiming for balance here.  I want to keep some of the fun things we like thrown in for the psychological comfort. 

So today I made vegan sausage balls.  And ...... they're actually good....even the meat eater likes them. 

Are they particularly frugal?  Actually surprisingly the vegan version is cheaper than the meat version I used to make.  Having said that, they aren't super inexpensive, but not bad for a holiday treat.  (I actually bought the Bisquick on sale and with coupons to further reduce the cost.)

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