Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sweater Complete!

This camouflage sweater is for my grandson.  The simple shape is great for layering over little boy clothes.  The yarn is machine wash and dry.  I also added a little extra length to the body and the cuffs so that perhaps he can get two seasons of wear from it.

This is the ultimate "hoarders" project.  I found this yarn in my stash -- leftover from the last camouflage sweater I knit for my son, when he was a pre teen.  Yes -- I used the leftovers from years ago to make his son a sweater.  Kind of made me nostalgic thinking back to all those years.

I actually have enough left that in a year or two I should be able to knit him a vest as well -- if I do not find another project before then.  (Especially since my nephew is hinting that he really likes camouflage, too.)

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