Friday, October 21, 2016

Cereal Bars

After some consideration I decided that since we would be traveling this weekend I would make some kind of bars for us to take with us.  I still had my cornflakes lingering and thought perhaps I could come up with something to use them in.  A quick peruse of the cabinets produced a partial bag of dried cranberries and a partial bag of coconut.  Perfect for the fruit portion....and then I had a partial jar of creamy sunbutter.  A few squirts of agave and I had the perfect consistency for a refrigerator cereal bar.  I shaped them into a square and sliced into bars once they had refrigerated for a while.  I'm not worried about the temperature while traveling because we will be taking a cooler with us.  A sealed container for these will work just fine.

I used up every package of ingredients I took out except for the agave, which is mostly full.


  1. What is as nice as having delicious treats fro the trip is using the remainder of some pantry items. Have a great trip!

    1. Thanks. We had a great trip and the bars were enjoyed by everyone.


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