Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Continuing to Use Up

Cooking for one or two people is kind of hard for me to get used to doing.  I've learned that in order to shop in bulk (like I like to do)  I really have to be able to eat the same ingredients for several days running.  The asparagus was a good example.  I had the soup, but still had a decent amount left.  (My daughter won't touch asparagus if she can help it.)  I had just a few chickpeas left in the fridge.  A quick potato, chickpea, onion, and asparagus "stir fry" hit the spot.
While I was chopping I cut up an entire onion. The leftovers from it went into the quesadilla I had for supper.  I used 1/2 of one of the chipotle sausage links, some of the peppers, and red onions along with Daiya cheese to make myself an easy meal. 
A quick potato hash. 

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