Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Frugal Happenings for Last Week

Last week's frugal happenings went something like this (in no particular order):
  • I hung all clothes (except for towels and one "emergency" load) up to dry.
  • I packed snacks for our trip and bought tea from Sam's Club to save on costs.  I paid for the huge package what I would have paid for three teas at a convenience store.
  • I reused the back of papers from school for scratch paper.
  • I rescued yarn and started a project from yarn my mom was going to donate to goodwill.
  • While we ate out for two meals -- planned -- I did use coupons for each.  Reducing one by 1/4 and one by 1/2.
  • We used the library.
  • I made sure we didn't have food waste.
  • I used the slow cooker whenever possible, ran the a/c only when necessary, and encouraged my family to help me watch for hidden power draws.  (Our electric bill dropped $60 between a combination of those things and using the counter top oven.)
  • We tried the kitty litter from Aldi and actually prefer it.  The price is better and I can pick it up much easier.
  • We picked up two boxes of toilet paper from Sam's Club and saved $3.00 in the process.
  • Daughter and I finally found a store brand of feminine pads that we can use without irritation.
  • I called about an overcharge on a medical bill and the difference is on its way back to me.
  • I've asked my family to work on their Christmas list of three items.  I always request a list of one practical, one educational and one frivolous item. 

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