Sunday, August 13, 2017

Second Week of August -- Anything but Typical

This week has been a pleasant week in a lot of respects.  Our household is usually a jockeying of varying schedules.  This week was one of my daughter's weeks of vacation.  Sadly she's been sick with a summer cold that turned into a chest and sinus infection.  

 Sunday -- We had a quiet day at home.  We washed and detailed the cars.  Picked up a free "icee" from the local McDonald's for my daughter in hopes it would soothe her throat.  I worked on some tatted crosses that were ordered.

 Monday through Friday 

  •  I spent a lot of the week canning various things.  I also used a coupon to help stock up some items we were running low on (for our pantry stuff) including some wheat free products for me.  
  •  We utilized the local health department to get a free vaccination that my daughter needs for college.  I'm wondering if with her immune system problems if that is what helped contribute to her current medical status despite them saying she was fine to have it. 
  •  I worked on Christmas presents.  I finished several doilies and started another. I had an order for 4 more crosses so they are in the works. 
  •  We ate leftovers and/or from our food on hand.  We had company over for one meal and used home canned items. 
  •   I dyed my own hair.  (Sigh -- the gray at the temples comes back far faster than I can justify going to a salon.)
  •  I found cat litter at half the price I normally pay for the same amount and strength. I used the drying rack, saved water for plants, etc.    
 Now for the not as frugal: 
  •  We spent $4 on bottle sodas/waters while out for her vaccinations.  Poor planning on my part.
  •  I picked up a few supplies at Michaels.  I did use coupons so that helped, but it still cost more than I had estimated. 
  •  I bought a book of Christmas ornament patterns.  I was able to use a download option so that helped on shipping.
  •  I replaced my pots and pans.  It was time.  I use some non stick items and when they begin to wear, we simply replace them to be safer.   
  •  My daughter ended up in urgent care and on two extra medications. I had to order more canning lids.  However, the end of my jars is in sight.  Probably only have 40 to 50 left.
  •  I placed an online order for some wheat free mixes.  Sadly one of the few stores here that carries what I needed has open seafood areas and I cannot go in.  I think the cost may be less online, but in order to get the lower cost I have to buy in bulk.  Of course, compared to the cost of an ER trip this is still preferrable.            
So that is how our week has been.  Other than one day I have been home all week...with the exception of a quick 30 minute run to the grocery store.  


  1. Do you fill all the jars you have every year? Or, are you shooting for a certain amount of each item that you can? I'm just curious how different people do it:)
    I am in a different place in life right now, having not canned at all last year, and having used up quite a few things, but still have some of others still left over, I want to can up quite a bit this summer, but not over-do it since the family is so much smaller than it used to be. I'm moving to more pints than I did before.

    I'm sorry your daughter was sick--hopefully she's on the mend. I'm glad you could get some gf mixes. That helps even more with gf things than conventional because there are so many different flours involved when you mix them up from scratch--a great time saver when I'm in a hurry! Some are better tasting than others, and it's good to try different ones until you find what you like. Hopefully these are tasty!

    1. I grew up in the country and we always canned all summer. I think perhaps it is a hangover from my childhood. LOL. I know how many jars my storage can handle and I do try to can them. I aim for a variety. Some years I get more of some items than other simply because of what is available. In my dream world I would be able to can enough for the year, but it just isn't possible. I go with what I can and then supplement the rest.

      I'm doing more pints as well. I have been using my quart jars for ready to eat meals as they seem to work out to be the perfect size for something like that. On the other hand a quart of string beans is too much.

      Thanks. She's improving.

      I totally agree about the mixes versus the flours. I tried buying the vast variety of flours required and realized it was far more work than I wanted to invest. I bought Namaste brand mixes, which I have experience with and do love. I've also picked up a couple of things from Aldi.


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