Thursday, June 22, 2017

A Day of Shopping

It's funny how the phrase "a day of shopping" varies so wildly in the images it conjures up.

 My day of shopping went something like this: Aldi --  cookies, saltines, a bag of baking potatoes, 6 dozen eggs, 2 cartons of soy milk, 2 cartons of lactose free milk, 4 containers of Greek yogurt, 12 cans of cream of ...soup for the pantry storage, 2 boxes of Stevia, 2 packages of pepperoni, 2 cans of refrigerator biscuits, 1 package of chicken sausage, 1 container of hummus, guacomole, 2 bags of frozen string beans, 2 bags of frozen limas, 3 bottles of BBQ sauce, 2 bottles of marinade, 1 bottle of steak sauce, apples, 6 pink roses, patriotic themed napkins/paper plates, 4 jars of whole dill pickles, 1 jar of sandwich sliced pickles, 2 packages of chocolate instant pudding, 4 packets of brown gravy mix, a carton of ale, and a loaf of garlic bread.  I spent $85.01.

 After Aldi, I went to the Farmer's Market.  I bought radishes, 3 large cabbage, 5 plums, 3 large peaches, cilantro, and 3 large bell peppers.  Total spent $8.00.

 From there I stopped at Fred's Club, which is a regional warehouse store.  It carries more of what I would call Southern hush puppy mix, cornmeal, etc.  Everything I bought was warehouse sized.  6 packages of cornbread mix, 1 large bag of flour, 38 pounds of cat litter, an outdoor mosquito repellant candle, 40 assorted ice cream sandwiches, and Country Time Lemonade mix.  Total spent $52.14.

 We put up all the food and went out to Goodwill.  I found 2 ankle length winter skirts and 1 midi (for my height is still long lol) wool plaid skirt.  I also bought 3 summer midi length skirts and 3 blouses for myself.  My daughter found 3 fall button down shirts and a nice black jacket.  Total spent was $47.17.

 So my big day of shopping pretty much centered around food.  More than 1/4 of what was spent at Aldi went into pantry storage, which I try to add to every month.  The cabbage from the Farmer's Market will also go into storage because I will be canning them tomorrow.  The same applies to a good portion of the items from Fred's Club.  Even the Goodwill shop was mostly for the upcoming fall and winter.  I'll have a couple of nice skirts and we got a head start on my daughter's fall wardrobe.  The jacket itself would have cost the $47 or more.

So that is us - the last of the big shoppers....or maybe not.


  1. I have noticed Aldi prices have gone up in the past month. Seems most items that have risen in cost went up by 50¢. Still cheaper then most stores around me but everything seems to cost more. Cheryl

    1. I think our produce selection has gone up in cost. I was attributing it to them upgrading the store, but perhaps not. However, things like eggs were 65 cents a dozen this week and other staple products seemed to be about the same.

      I agree....every time I go to the store I feel like overall things are costing more and more.


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