Saturday, June 3, 2017

Easy Meals

In keeping with my June goals, I am aiming for meals that use up what we have on hand.
I didn't photograph everything we've had.
Forgive my wonky looking hot dog buns -- it was a new to me recipe and the texture of the dough was different.  I just wasn't sure how much working it would take without getting tough.
However, despite their look the taste was fabulous.
We used half the buns for BBQ sandwiches, which let me use up the last of the pork loin and some of my homemade sauce.
We ate the hot dog buns with chicken hot dogs.

I forgot to photograph it, but I made pressure cooker Cajun beans and rice for a meal and we had leftovers the next day for lunch.
I used rice from food storage, a pint of my home canned beef, a pint of my home canned beans, and seasonings from my supplies.

I went ahead and baked in preparation for our Saturday picnic -- buttermilk bread...I'll share the recipe soon.
I fried Spam for our sandwiches.  We don't want to have to drag the cooler along and the saltiness of Spam will let me make sandwiches in the morning and them keep well in a backpack.  I baked brownies for our dessert.  
We're carrying grapes and popcorn for snacking and a thermos cooler of tea.

Another easy meal was caulilfower mash -- cauliflower, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, a little chicken broth, and a tiny bit of crumbled bacon.  The rest of the buns were buttered and sprinkled with garlic powder for a quick "garlic toast."
The Italian chicken sausage was an Aldi special from a few weeks ago.

When we get back from our day trip, we will have leftovers and a salad.
Having the leftovers on hand means I won't have to rush in a prepare a meal, which makes it easier for me to make sure we don't stop and grab takeout.


  1. Everything looks so good. The one time I tried to make hotdog buns they looked like that too. I've not tried them since then .

    Hope you have fun on your picnic!

    1. We ate them and they were good...just not pretty lol. I'll either go back to my old recipe or try these again with a little more manipulating.

      We had a great time on our picnic. Thank you!


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