Thursday, June 8, 2017

Best Plans and All That Jazz

Life changes quickly.  Wednesday morning I went to the Farmer's Market and picked up veggies for $10.  I knew I needed cheese and milk to finish our meal plan out.   I was planning on homemade veggie pizzas, omelettes, a meal of cabbage/sausage, and of course frying the plantains.  All this was to go with our other supplies.  I also knew we would be gone for two days and I wouldn't need much extra on hand.

I was quite pleased with myself and it looked like I was going to come in at $25 instead of my alloted $50 for the week.
Fastforward to Wednesday night after 8:00....the phone rings.
My son and his family are making an emergency trip down...can they stay with us?
He knew the answer was yes, but felt like he should let us know they were coming.
My daughter in law's family has been called to her grandmother's bedside. 

After reassuring him that we would help in any way we could, I called my husband.
We've rearranged most of our thing we may do with our grandson with us.
However, I knew I didn't plan meals large enough for double our family size or more.
We decided to go ahead and do a quick foods stock up....things like sandwich meat, bread, snack items, and such.  We figure they will be coming and going at odd  hours.  She also has a large family and I wanted to be prepared to take some items over.  Just in case any of her siblings venture in with them I want to have extra food here.

I've placed an order with Sam's Club that I will be picking up tomorrow morning.
Please say a quick prayer and send up positive thoughts for her family.


  1. Its funny how quickly we can re-set our priorities isn't it. Glad you stocked up for them and in spite of the circumstances I hope you get a little quality time with them. Prayers for the family.

    1. It is amusingly fast. Things we spent weeks planning can be changed on a dime. Thank you for your prayers.


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