Saturday, April 2, 2016

April's Menu

I planned my groceries around sales and items that I need to keep the pantry stocked up.  Meals will be using a combination of things I am buying this month and things I already have on hand.

1.  Pressure Cooker chicken risotto (using last of risotto rice and food storage veggies...chicken from freezer)
2.  fried cabbage and ham biscuits (ham leftover from previous meal and frozen)
3.  hamburger steak with gravy/onions/etc (Crockpot), instant mashed potatoes, green peas (hubby's request)
4.  beef and broccoli rice (Pressure Cooker) freezer meal with rice from food storage
5.  bean soup and cornbread (Crockpot)
6.  vegetable soup (Pressure Cooker) with grilled cheese sandwiches (a mixture of food storage items with some ham leftover from a previous meal)
7.  Cajun beans and rice (pressure cooker)
8.  Pressure Cooker Spaghetti -- food storage
9.  egg and sausage sandwiches (will make homemade English muffins for these)
10.  pancakes, eggs and ham
11.  ravioli, garlic bread and broccoli
12.  pork chili (pressure cooker) crackers
13.  shepherd's pie
14.  grilled steak, couscous, asparagus casserole
15.  quiche with fruit salad
16.  pork roast (crockpot) with fixings
17.  beans and rice
18.  chicken noodle soup and crackers
19.  burgers and fries
20.  pizza
21.  BBQ pork chops, pasta salad, green beans
22.  turkey dinner with the fixings
23.  mac and cheese
24.  taco casserole
25. white lasagna with garlic bread and broccoli
26.  corned beef hash, buttermilk biscuits, eggs
27.  turkey pot pie

My menu is just a guideline.  I will tweak and vary as I need to.  For example, we were supposed to have cabbage tonight, but my husband could not make it in.  Since daughter and I are only ones here we opted to do easy and had breakfast instead -- sausage patty and scrambled eggs for each of us. 

I also have plans to make a few freezer lasagnas to set aside.  I'll be cooking a turkey and saving the leftovers for various things.  I have plans to home can mixed vegetables.  All of our breads, with the exception of crackers, will be homemade.  I know how to make crackers, but since I am still in school right now the cost versus time ratio just doesn't work for this month.  All snacks with the exception of the one bag of chips a week (the extra is for taco casserole) will either be home baked items or popcorn.  Breakfasts are usually cereal, muffins, pancakes, waffles, or something of the sort - so nothing too complicated there. 

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