Friday, April 29, 2016

Freezer Inventory for May

Monday my daughter and I went through the freezer and inventoried it after our month of using a menu planned around its contents.  We are coming up on our hurricane season soon and we do not own a generator.  If we have storms, some years we don't, we normally lose power so of course, I hate to keep the freezer full of expensive meats.  It looks like before the end of this month I will have it down to where I am doing shopping for a week or two at the time for a while.

Since I am feeding on average 7 to 8 people for suppers the number of meals looks small, but there is actually a goodly amount in the freezer.

I have on hand:
2 bags of chicken ravioli
4 packages of sausage links
1 bag of turkey meatballs
1 meal (large amount) of pork ribs
1 meal (large amount) of pork chops
1 ham
1 1/2 meals of Dijon chicken breasts (the one half will go on salads to help stretch it)
1 meal of steak for grilling
1 meal of hamburgers for hamburger steak
1 meal of barbecued chicken
1 pork butt roast
2 meals of plain chicken breasts for casseroles
1 whole hen
10 lbs. of chicken wings
2 bags of mixed green beans
1 bag of Brussel's sprouts
1 bag of green beans
1 bag of multigrain and veggie blend
1 bag of asparagus
1 bag of corn
2 bags of broccoli
1 bag of cauliflower broccoli blend
1 bag of couscous
2 bags of fries
1 bag of tater tots
homemade cornbread cubes for stuffing

I am still using home canned fruits and veggies, grains from the pantry, etc.  to help round our meals out. 

I originally sat down to make out a menu, but I realized it would just be easier to pick from my list each day.  I have a few gaps to fill in for the pantry, so I will share that list soon.

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