Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pressure Cooked Apple Cake and Opinions

I ordered this book on a whim some time ago and when it arrived at first glance I wasn't too sure I was impressed with it.  I'm still not, but I decided the only true way to know was to test some of the recipes. I thought if nothing else it would give me guidelines for cooking times using this brand of pressure cooker.  It isn't that it is a bad cookbook per say. It simply has dishes I would have to alter so much for us to like them that it really isn't for my kitchen.

Having said that I have heard rave reviews about the Apple Crumb Cake. I had two apples languishing in my fruit bowl and all the other ingredients on hand, so I thought we would give it a try. I decided to go with a bundt presentation.  

I feel like I should offer a disclaimer here. I think the Instant Pot is a far better pressure cooker. However, I bought this one for large items and it seems to work fine. It does not feel as sturdy and does not come with stainless steel liners....which I do miss. I use my instant pot whenever I can, but on days when I have a crowd I need a bigger pressure cooker.

Despite all of that, the apple cake turned out well.  

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